Gloria Victis Pc Game download

Gloria Victis Free Download game

Gloria Victis Free Download game

Gloria Victis download is a sandbox game that focuses on realism. In this MMORPG, you will not find dragons, dimensional portal or wizard magic. The Black Eye Games studio focuses on an immersive medieval universe, which is largely inspired by our History and in which players will have to find their way, often by force! Indeed, this title is based primarily on his open-world PvP, accompanied by a mature background, a complex craft system and an economy managed by the players themselves.


PC Downloaden Game

Description of the game

War as a central activity – Learning how to master the art of combat is essential in Gloria Victis since most of the game focuses on open PvP, including a territory control system and the presence of 3 warring factions (Midlanders, Ismirs and Azebs).

Story of game

To begin, you will have to do without the automatic targeting that you encounter in the majority of role plays and learn to direct your shots to hit the opponent. Based primarily on the action, fighting requires a certain dexterity and a tactical sense to place your attacks, dodges and parries at the right time. What make you a true duelist who will deserve his title on the battlefield.

Fighting without automatic targeting – Participate in an action-based, no-target combat where your skills and tactics are important. Prove your skills and get the fame you deserve such as invincible duelist, eagle eye or respected commander. Open PVP – Participate in battles to death in single tournaments or in large-scale battles for the possession of fortresses and entire cities. Territorial Control and RvR – Win territories and build fortifications to defend them, but above all to establish the dominance of your faction.

Glory and Disgrace – Become part of a living feudal society, earn your reputation and climb the ladder, leading your allies to victory under your guild banner. Or live the life of an outlaw hunted by the lords. Complex crafting system – Search for the best resources and materials, use handcrafted workstations and work with other players to increase your efficiency and master one of the 8 trades of the game. The economy is in your hands – The swords do not fall from the sky or miraculously lie on the body of a dead animal, it is up to you to forge them.

Classless Progression – Become what you want to be, shape your character without artificial classes, and fully customize your gear using hundreds of different gear. An Open World – A breathtaking environment, not instantiated and reacting dynamically to your actions. A Realistic Medieval Universe – Explore land inspired by medieval Europe and the Middle East, uncover ancient secrets and uncover forgotten treasures.

Gloria Victis Free Download game

Gloria Victis Download game

PC Downloaden Game

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