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A commercial version of one of the most popular modifications to the Source engine, which is essentially a powerful workshop that allows you to easily manipulate models and game characters based on this engine. In sandboxed maps, players can play multiplayer games according to their own rules. Garry’s Mod is a commercial version of one of the most popular modifications to the Source engine. In practice, it is a powerful workshop where we have the ability to create, duplicate and combine objects derived from games based on this engine, in accordance with physics laws simulated by Havok software.


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Description of the game

Garry’s Mod is a playable sandbox, which means there are no clearly defined goals for the players and virtually unlimited influence on both the generated environment and the rules of the game. The first version was created by Garry Newman in 2004 and was honored with many Mod of the Year awards. By GameSpy, Mod DB or PC Gamer. The program quickly gained many supporters, which contributed to its rapid development. November 29, 2006 version number 10 made its official debut on Steam. Since then, it has been distributed and supported by this platform as a full-fledged commercial application, constantly evolving and bringing together millions of fans around them. To fully enjoy the opportunities Garry’s Mod has, it is enough to have any game based on Source, such as Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Source and Left 4 Dead. This gives us access to thousands of models, weapons, characters, skins and items from the rich Valve game library, as well as modifications and scripts created by Lua players themselves and published in a dedicated workshop available on Steam. So we can create any landscape, such as in the futuristic scenery of Half-Life 2, the realities of World War II Day Of Defeat, or in the horror genre of the Left 4 Dead series. We then place enemies and NPCs in it – there is nothing to prevent zombies in the future City 17, or to put men in suits behind thunderous war chapters. The number of combinations is enormous and the only limit is our imagination. Thanks to the Havok Physics Engine and the excellent ragdoll model, we can modify the position of our characters in any way, as well as model the facial expressions.

Story of game

Once upon a time, a mod for Half-Life 2 was created. “Garry’s Mod”. GM created Garry Johnson and continue to develop it. The GMs like Minecraft are all sorts of pure 100% sandboxes … The game uses steam … Steam means And in order to get started at all, you need to have any game installed on the Source engine. This is because resources from the installed games will be imported into GM when it is loaded. After the lofting, the source main menu will be launched. Options, achievements, resource settings, loaded state saved, this is not discussed, because there are still less interesting options such as … ups … much more interesting options such as: single player game, creation, or joining the server Before the start of the game you have to choose a map that we are interested in. By default, we have two flatmaps and the above mentioned construct and imported from selected games. You can also download Inks from the official website. “What are you doing here?” “Someone asked me, and I said to him,” Anything, you just want to !! “. After loading the map, in our sweaty paws lands the entire HL2 arsenal. Yes, you can shoot yourself, but GMod offers much more. In addition to equipment with HL2 adds two of their devices: Phys Gun and Tool Gun. The first is for moving objects, the other for manipulation, etc. There are no objects? The problem can be solved when the “Q” key is held, when we do, our bloodshot eyes will be spawn menu. “We will call” whatever we want, npc, ragdolle, or previously mentioned objects. So let’s call some ragdoll. After the “weld” will lie, so Phys Gunem ragdolla can be lifted and put on his legs, to move his limbs limbs, and if someone has sadistic saddle, can throw it many times from high altitude. And look how majestic it falls down … all in all, the physics in this game is impressive …

In the spawn menu in addition to welding, you can also select a “tool”, then pull out the Tool Gun with the appropriate function, and with this Inflator we will increase or reduce some part of the body ragdolla; Faceposerem so “set” his face that Jim Carrey will be able to hide :). Comic book creators and machinist films will appreciate the “camera” tool, thanks to which the camera will be positioned almost as if shooting real movies. In GM it is easier to just “shoot” in the right direction. There are many and even more in GM. On the official site in addition to the map, you can find ragdolle and the propulsion made by fans of the game. If the HL2 weapons are not enough, new ones will also be found. There are also addons that expand the capabilities of the game … but these add-ons are so much that describing them all would be a pain for me, and for the reader … also. As for objects … if they do not approach anyone, then you can always run the Source SDK and to do your thing. There is no problem describing the graphics. Just write: “Source” and there is nothing missing me. Probably some idealist will say that this engine is old and could use a new, but for me graphics do not count, important that the game is good. Audio … music is not standard at all, and most of the ambient sounds come from HL2 … well, but as the doctor tells his patient: “you can live with that”, especially since Airboat cannon sounds cleverly given as Sounds of Tool Guna. Garry’s Mod is a great sandbox It’s like in a multi-build rollercoaster with your colleagues and now? Now it is only as an alternative to the already mentioned “M” game.

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PC Downloaden Game

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