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Dev Tycoon is a strategy game developed by Greenheart Games that allows you to set up a virtual development studio in the 80s of the last century, and then lead them through the next decade of the industry. Game Dev Tycoon is a real-time strategy game. The game was developed by independent studio Greenheart Games. The action begins in the 80’s of last century. Players play in the game, which in the parents’ garage imposes their first development studio. Our task is to transform this humble company into a powerful corporation. The way to achieve these ambitions is to design and produce games.


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Description of the game

In the early stages of our budget is limited, so we have to decide what the aspect of production is devote more attention to at the expense of the rest. Our works are evaluated by industry press, which affects their sales results. Customer requirements are increasing every year, so we need to continue to research new technologies and graphics engines. As the complexity of projects increases, it is also necessary to hire more developers and change the office to bigger ones. In time, we will also be opening up our own secret lab, where we will try to develop revolutionary ideas such as motion-capture and digital distribution. Game Dev Tycoon simulates the changes that have taken place in the real gaming market. Other consoles and desktops gain popularity, and then go into the shadows. Over the years, we can watch the industry switch to 3D graphics, the birth of anti-piracy protections, and electronic distribution.

Story of game

Admit – although once in your life you thought about creating a game, and so far you think your idea would surely grab. Now you have the opportunity, although in part to check out the role of game creator. Hi, my name is Adam and am an ambitious developer of games that started his career in the garage. And that’s not the metaphorical one – I was stuck in my parents’ garage where the computer was a strange hit. On which I started to program of course. At the beginning, my gaming knowledge was limited to just a few basic themes and major genres. I did not have too much money for advanced technology, so I used a simple two-dimensional graphics and mono sound. I could not even program a game state or a joystick, but I had to start somewhere. The market was dominated by two platforms – PC and Commodore 64. The cost of creating games on the first was much lower, but less on the players. In the beginning money was, however, the main decision factor. So I did not hesitate for a long time and found that I would dominate the PC market. I put on an ambitious production because you have to measure high. So my first game was a space simulator with the title “SpaceSim”, produced for about $ 30,000. As for those times and possibilities it was really a mountain of money. The production itself ran smoothly and consisted essentially of three stages. In the first I had to decide on a title, subject, genre Choose the platform and the engine that the game was about. In the second part I laid out the individual elements of the game itself. I decided how much time to devote to level projects, I also took on the dialogues and riches of the world. Less energy was spent on audio, more invested in graphics.

Once I had properly expanded my action plan, I noticed that my title had a lot of bugs. If I wanted a fast money I could push the product on the shelves without refining, but it would always be better to spend a few weeks cleaning the game. When I released it, I waited anxiously for the first evaluation. Games are rated by four media on a scale of 1-10 and it is these ratings that determine the popularity of the title. Over the course of my career, there was a growing number of fans who could later turn their eyes to the lower notes. At first, the reviews were the key to success. Until I reached the level of “eight” and “nine” I could forget about serious money, and 10,000 sold copies of the game was a huge success for me. What influenced the assessment? First and foremost, the selection of theme, genre and platform. The racing simulator or fantasy RPG is definitely better than a sports action game or a comic strategy. Later on, the target was chosen – a casual sports game on the Gameboy will not hit the adult audience, and a military simulator on a PC will not be a good idea for children’s games. My “SpaceSim” has sold. The average rating of 7.75 was not the only reason for pride, but also for earning money. At least enough to learn some new things – programming better graphics, writing games or creating an open world, and then creating your own engine using these features. Successes were linked to further money and opportunities for further learning – dialogue trees, day and night cycles, character development, cutscenes, pads and steering controls, and just the tip of the iceberg. Every game is also gaining experience in every field depending on engagement – world creation, dialogues, graphic design or music composition. The more I made, the better I was – logical.

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