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Another 11-bit studio game that is well known among others. Anomaly series and This War of Mine. This time we are dealing with survival. Players go to a frozen world where they have to fight for survival by making very difficult choices. Frostpunk on Windows PC is another production of the 11 bit studio known from the Anomaly series and this game of mine. This is an interesting project focused on elements of survival, intended for mature audiences. The game raises the question: what happens when people are on the brink of endurance? The production action takes place in a world of unfriendly, frosty climate that has greatly influenced the shape of society.


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Description of the game

To survive, people put on the energy generated by steam engines, but that is not enough – the society in its present form does not pass the exam and must change to save. The events shown in Frostpunk show an alternative history of the nineteenth century. Developers do not immediately explain how the great glaciation occurred and what were the causes – the elements of the puzzle we find ourselves during the game. The gameplay is based on the management of the entire human society residing in the last human city within a RTS-based system and survival. Of course, the good of the individual does not always have a positive effect on the lives of a larger group of people, so gameplay often forces us to make difficult choices, make ambiguous decisions, and sacrifice some of the charges so others have the chance to survive. The mechanics of the gameplay is driven by the nineteenth-century technology developed by the developers, allowing for the melting of ubiquitous ice and the swapping of water into steam that is used to drive steam engines.

Story of game

Frostpunk graphic design on Windows PC is very characteristic. Developers decided to create a contrast between cool colors representing nature and warm colors, symbolizing the remnants of civilization. The artists in terms of artistic inspiration were among others. Dishonored Action game. The composer Piotr MusiaƂ, known from the soundtrack to The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine, was responsible for the music. In addition, Platige Image film studio participated in the game’s work. With CD Projekt.

11 bit Studios does not intend to depart from serious, ambitious subjects. Survival and social reactions in harsh living conditions will be the main theme of their recent production. In the frozen world, people are developing technology based on the production of steam to counter extreme cold. The social organization in its current form ceases to function and must change in order for people to have a chance to resist the extreme cold. What is the change? What is culture and organization, when morality is on the way to survival? The end, the need for survival can change us completely. Does this change make us better, worse, stronger, weaker, more or less human? Issue of discussion. ” Such questions are posed by the authors in the first press release concerning the game. Frostpunk will be re-directed to adult players who are looking for more than never-ending threes. In addition to the promise of shifting some boundaries further than this War of Mine, we do not know much about the production itself. Frostpunk is set to make its PC debut in 2017.

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PC Downloaden Game

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