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Based on the motifs of the cult horror series Friday the 13th online multiplayer action game set with 8 players. One of the players plays the character of the murderous man Jason Voorhessa, and his goal is to eliminate all the participants of the fun. The others direct the actions of his potential victims, and their task is to avoid death and kill the persecutor by trapping and working closely with the group. Friday the 13th: The Game is a multiplayer-action multiplayer-action multiplayer action game adaptation of the cult horror series, known in our country under the title of Friday the 13th.


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Description of the game

Production revives the legend of one of the most famous serial killers, Jason Voorhees, who debuted in the cult classic production of Sean S. Cunningham in 1980. In the years 1980-1993, Jason appeared together in 9 full-fledged parts of the cycle, and also – in the XXI century – in two spin-offs and a remake by Marcus Nispel. The Gun Media studio, which has so far been known for its well-established Breach & Clear strategy tactics, is responsible for the creation of the game. However, the key characters associated with the film series Friday the 13th have also been involved in the development of the game. In the team were among others. The original creator of the series was Sean S. Cunningham, special effects expert Tom Savini, stuntman and multi-player role of Jason Voorhees Kane Hodder, and author of original soundtrack Harry Manfredini. Released on PC Windows, the game was financed in large part thanks to the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Story of game

The game was set up in the vicinity of Lake Crystal Lake, exactly where the film was launched. Friday the 13th: The Game does not offer an expanded storyline, however, focusing on the rivalry between the title killer and a group of potential victims on a campsite in the immediate vicinity of the lake. Friday the 13th: The Game on Windows PC was designed for multiplayer online multiplayer. During the game, one of the players takes on Jason Vorhees, and his task is to eliminate the other participants in the fun of playing camping. In order to achieve its goal, Jason must keep track of the other players’ actions and follow their footsteps in an imperceptible way in order to decisively kill a killer with a wide range of pre-defined “finishers”. Among them are a number of fairly brutal ways of depriving life, both those known from the subsequent series of film series and quite new ones – created specifically for the needs of the game. The role of Jason’s potential victims is to escape from the murderer and get him out of the field in one of many possible ways. As Jason is not completely indestructible, the creativity of the players and the ability to collaborate within the band can also have the effect of killing the perpetrator himself. The game uses a special progression system, which awards not only the results of the individual races, but also the ingenuity of the participants.

Thanks to the advances in the game, in the course of the game we can unlock a whole lot of content related to the movie series of Friday the 13th, including. Jason’s alternate characters, taking into account his evolution over the years and subsequent parts of the film. It is also worth noting that the whole design was designed in such a way that the players participating in the game had the impression of co-creating their own film script. At the end of each skirmish we can watch the movie trailer styled shortcut, taking into account all its key moments. The game focuses on network competition, designed for up to 8 players. One participant plays the character of Jason Voorhees’ murderer, while the other seven are camp participants who are tasked with escaping from the perpetrator and, with a little luck, Jason’s elimination. Unlike most productions that offer asynchronous multiplayer, the gameplay does not put any of the parties in a losing position. The authors put a lot of work into proper balancing of the game in such a way that the fun of both the killer and his potential victims gives equal chance of winning. Posted on PC Windows Friday the 13th: The Game was created on the basis of modern graphics engine Unreal Engine 4, which guarantees a high quality visual experience. The gameplay is shown in a third person perspective and takes place in the vast, semi-open world of Lake Crystal Lake. Noteworthy is the refined animated character and murder sequences, made using motion-capture technology and atmospheric soundtracks, developed by Harry Manfredini – the author of music for the cult film of the 1980s.

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