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Football Manager 2017 Download game

Football Manager 2017 is available on PCs for the next installment of the titled cycle of football managers. The player controls the football club and must take care of every aspect of the game, both sporting and financial. Winning matches is not enough and you have to keep an eye on your budget. Football Manager 2017 is a Windows based PC sport game that is part of the category called football managers. The project was developed by Sports Interactive, the same team that followed all previous releases. The publisher, also traditionally, is Sega.


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Description of the game

Developed for PC Windows Football Manager 2017 was built on the foundations of previous parts of the cycle. So we are getting a manager in which we take control of the football club and our shoulders fall under the obligation of providing him with sporting and financial success. To accomplish these goals we have to take care of practically every aspect of the club’s activities. It is our job to recruit players, set up training plans, and create tactics for the matches we see here with a three-dimensional engine. We also need to look after the media, get sponsors, sell the charges to other teams, manage the stadium and watch the club finances. Compared to previous releases, Football Manager 2017 offers a wealth of new features and improvements, as well as an updated database of players and clubs.

Story of game

Year after year we all face the same dilemma. Games that appear every 12 months are a problem for everyone. Developers must stand on their heads to justify the point of buying a new product. Reviewers must keep cool heads and shake what has actually gone through the changes and whether it is worth investing in. Players must ask themselves whether they really need to chase after news and if they do not buy the same. Football Manager as a series usually resisted typical recycling complaints and unnecessary edits. The title was bypassed by objections so often addressed at titles such as FIFA or Call of Duty. This was mainly due to the fact that these games were simply good and usually stuffed with new features to the edges. The creators boast of hundreds of interesting and innovative options, of which at least a dozen actually influenced game reception and made newer editions really worth buying. The director of the studio, Miles Jacobson, once mentioned in the conversation that this is related to the production cycle of the game, which takes place every few years, and features and novelties are planned for several releases ahead. This made it more likely that we were dealing with less interesting, interesting changes. And then something happened. Just in 2016, with Football Manager 2017, the first time I have serious doubts whether changes to the previous edition is enough to justify the purchase of a new game. For the first time the feeling of deja vu was so strong that I did not get into the football world without any brakes. At this point, remember one thing. The Sports Interactive series is still basically the best simulator of sport management on the market. It is still a hellishly profound and demanding game whose systems penetrate in a sophisticated way by building a credible world, which we are an integral part of. We still have a match engine that is not perfect but reliably translates our instructions into football, giving us a genuine feel for what is happening on the pitch where the element of randomness is equivalent to what we expect. After the real football.

Football Manager was always the best RPG game I ever had the pleasure to experience. Perhaps because fantasy worlds have always preferred something realistic, and football has always occupied my place in the heart. In any case, creating your own character and introducing it to the world that I know from stadiums and television, allowing it to interact with others, creating your own path, playing good, bad, technocratic, etc. manager, then in this series of unforgettable experience Eating hundreds of hours. And those emotions are still playing. By firing the title this year, the first thing we will notice is the option to create your own alter ego, including the character model and all the specifics that could affect us. You can have a red tie and yellow shoes, and that’s about it. At this point, we can also immediately plan what type of manager we will be, how we will assign the skill points, and for what things we will be directly responsible and which we assign to other staff members of the club. This element is quite characteristic in this year’s edition. Everything here is streamlined. We do not have to repeat the operation indefinitely. Data is presented in one place in a sensible way. We are not overwhelmed with emails about a billion unimportant things, one of which could be important, so you can not miss it. The information from the club staff is presented in a clear manner, and we make a recommendation with a click of the mouse. Everything seems just better planned, better designed. With emphasis on user comfort. This is a good change in the game in which we spend hundreds of hours interacting with the menu. The graphics and the 3D match engine have been worked out quite well. From a few editions, the developers are working diligently to show the game in three dimensions with modeled footballers, stadiums, etc. This year, we actually see a jump forward: better lighting and animations, more camera shots, more scenes outside the game itself. All this positively influences the way the game is received, but it is still a low-level graphics, especially compared to what is already on the market.

Football Manager 2017 Game full version

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