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Another preview of the most popular football game series in the world. Players can again manage a whole host of licensed national teams and football teams from the best leagues in the world, leading them to victory in both variants of solitaire and multiplayer modes. FIFA 18 is another preview of the most popular football game in the world, which EA Sports is constantly watching over. The title was among other things for the PlayStation 4 platform, and players can once again manage a whole host of licensed national teams and football teams from the best leagues in the world.


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Description of the game

Production introduces a number of changes and improvements in the mechanics – with respect to the predecessor also improved the graphics, which high quality is due to the studio developed DICE technology Frostbite. Among the varied modes for a single player, the feature film, “Road to Fame,” appears in a fictional character, Alex Hunter, and we take part in the second season of football. This time the module can boast not only the presence of new threads – it also includes characters not present in the previous part of the series. The title also offers a variety of gameplay options designed for multiplayer fun. Los Angeles has just been introduced FIFA18 – the next edition of cult football game. It will not be available until the end of September, but the editorial team has already had a chance to test the beta version. Impressions? This time the producers have not decided on the groundbreaking changes we observed in the previous edition. The biggest innovation at this stage is the fact that to make a change, you will no longer have to stop the game and enter the menu.

Story of game

Just when there is a scheduled change in the corner of the screen, we press the button and thus save time. What more? At first glance, the game just feels more refined. But the devil is in the details. In short, the new FIFA is even more like a real match on the real pitch. Manufacturers have prepared for example a new centering system or improved some kind of perpendicular applications. The emphasis was on moving players around the pitch – an archetype of a large, medium and small player was created. Each of them runs a little differently, as in the real world. Much attention has also been paid to the so-called. Team intelligence. Virtual players are better at positioning, they are more efficient in moving around the formation; They have better timing so they can get out of the free space. Intelligence is also associated with better playing skills in real life styles. In Barcelona, ​​the tiki-taka has been refined and some Italian teams are able to use the classic catenaccio to perfection. An important element of FIFA18 will also be an improved atmosphere. The fans in the stands are no longer flat or one-dimensional. Everyone can react differently and the players love interacting with them. Yes, after the goal you can try to throw in the stands. The streamers and other things that can appear on the turf are supplemented. The lighting of the game has also changed. Moving from field to field, we will actually notice this trip. Since the beginning of this week it is known that Cristiano Ronaldo will face the new edition of the game.

The entire campaign was planned carefully a long time ago. In the spring, the producers had a special session with Real Madrid in Madrid. – During the course we recorded every move Cristiano with motion capture. Thus, for the first time in history, Ronaldo looks exactly like Ronaldo. Perfectly reproduced all his movements, sprints, spikes, and body language – says Matthew Prior, executive producer of FIFA18. You have to tell him that it works. During the tests I was shown to players without t-shirts and faces, such peculiar avatars. The recognition of Cristiano Ronaldo was 100%. It is well known that, in a similar way, With Arjen Robben or Raheem Sterling. Are there also any Polish players, eg Robert Lewandowski? “This is not the case for us,” said Prior. It is also worth mentioning the novelties in each mode. If someone has loved the story of Alex Hunter, then in the new edition of the game there are definitely more characters, decision-making mode has been expanded, and Hunter will be able to leave the country. Is it to another league? This is a carefully guarded secret. You can reveal the latest news in FIFA Ultimate Team mode. Lovers of opening virtual parcels with football players will be able to acquire legends on all platforms, that is on the Xbox and Playstation consoles and on the PC. Until now, it was only possible on the Xbox. Among the icons of football are all the most important players in history. The change is Ronaldo’s company. This time the real Brazilian forward. The Polish fans can wait for the first native icon. Who will it be? This is a carefully guarded secret.

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