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Another preview of one of the most popular simulator cycles. The title re-enters a farmer working on his farm, and his production corresponds to the GIANTS Software team, known from previous parts of the cycle. Farming Simulator 17 on PC Windows is yet another release of the Farming Simulator series. Production again allows you to take on a farmer who must manage his farm. In order to do this, it is essential to obtain the appropriate tools and machines that we use for planting, sowing, harvesting and transporting goods. Unlike the previous cycle hits, the production debuted simultaneously on consoles and personal computers.


PC Downloaden Game

Description of the game

As usual, GIANTS Software team, responsible for the development of the next series of the Farming Simulator. City of the Damned, Blood Bowl II, Styx: Master of Shadows, or Sherlock Holmes: Crime and Punishment. As in previous years, this year’s edition also brings a number of new enhancements that allow for a comprehensive virtual farm experience. Four new crops appeared in the fields – sunflower, soybeans, radishes and poplars. In addition to the simplest tasks such as transferring wood, we can use our own hands instead of specialized equipment, and for woodworking we also use the sawdust. A lot of news also appeared in the virtual vehicle park. The creators offer us hundreds of machines from 75 fully licensed manufacturers, including those previously existing in the game, and new ones. Vehicles can be upgraded both in terms of appearance and technical capabilities, and in the showrooms the option of leasing equipment is available. Bulky goods are transported in turn using freight trains that appear in the series for the first time.

Story of game

Virtual farming is undoubtedly an interesting segment of the computer game market. While most of the productions that aspired to be “simulators” turned out to be so niche that they never had the chance to go back and forth from the “budget-garage” gaming zone, agricultural simulators found their own, and a small, audience. No wonder that the subject began to be exploited by subsequent studies, and some of the titles have evolved into a regular series. One such veteran is Farming Simulator. The most recent work of GIANTS Software studio was suspended high. The previous edition of the game – Farming Simulator 15 – was warmly received by the players. Thanks to the support of the fan community, the production has been enriched by numerous modifications, and the opportunity to deal with the farm with friends positively influenced the vitality of the title. Did this time the creators have managed to create a dignified continuation? In Farm simulator 17, as in previous parts of the series, our task is to develop our own virtual farm. We start with a modest area and a few basic machines, so we fold our sleeves and go to work. In order to get funds and repay the loan taken, we grow fields by passing the appropriate machines in the correct order, after which the yields we sell are in focus or waiting for better times to accumulate in the silo. With the improvement of our financial condition, we can order new, more efficient machines, buy more boxes, expand our business with animal breeding or cut trees. The game has not changed much in the previous game. The sunflower and soybeans were added to the catalog, and the soil can be fertilized by planting an oil radish and then plowing the field for future sowing. The new option is also the option of breeding pigs. Unfortunately, the developers remained deaf to the demands of the fans to enrich the game of orchestration. Fruit trees so as it was not, so there is.

Working on the farm is still fun. The need for a multi-stage and varied to cultivate with a variety of equipment means that the final harvest of the rich crop brings a lot of satisfaction. You can not complain about the lack of tasks. When it is time to take the field, it is time to prepare the feed and drink the animals. Then you can go to the woods and play the woodcutter, pretty good at it making money. All activities on the farm have the opportunity to perform personally or to outsource some of the virtual assistants. Unfortunately, despite the urgent requests of developers, the developers did not make oil workers come to the season. Working with them is still a nightmare. Not only that we can not send an employee to the field from the menu and before each job assignment we have to drive a suitable machine to the edge of the role, it is still necessary to ensure that the helper does not lock on any object that was on a rigidly determined route . Also the whole farm management system is asking for a major redevelopment. On the new map, when we take up more areas, the need to personally supervise each activity, and in the case of transporting goods by ourselves, it quickly makes us unresponsive to the action. So we are caught in a micro-management trap in a phase where we should focus on the macro scale. This forces you to manipulate the passage of time. Unfortunately, it also generates a lot of problems. As the slowdown or acceleration of a watch affects only the speed of growth of the watch and the daily maintenance costs of the machines, and not the speed of work on the rollers, it often happens that we are dragging the game to avoid the grain in the field before it grows. Yet another worker will finish this seedling.

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PC Downloaden Game

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