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Prehistoric spin-offs of the Far Cry series for PCs and other platforms, developed in the first-person survival survival game. We explore the open world, we fight with members of hostile tribes, hunt for wild animals, we do crafts, etc. Far Cry Primal on PCs is a first-person action game, a full-fledged spin-off of the Far Cry Sandbox cycle, launched in 2004 by Crysis studio Crytek. Starting with the next installment of the series, Far Cry 2, Ubisoft Montreal is responsible for three sequels. In addition to the full-fledged Far Cry, occasionally we also received side-by-side productions, such as Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, a pastiche of science fiction films from the 1980s. The jump is also a title that brings players into a completely new, prehistoric realm.


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Description of the game

Action Far Cry Primal moves players to the Stone Age, about 10,000 years ago, and takes place in the beautiful but deadly dangerous fictional land of Oros. It was formed a few thousand years ago as a result of the retreat of the ice sheet after the last glaciation of the Earth, thus offering a wide variety of landscapes – from green forests to swamps and areas covered with snow. In the game we play a prehistoric hunter named Takkar, who, along with several similar hunters, is moving on to look for the rest of his tribe. However, the group is attacked by a saber-toothed tiger, and Takkar is the only one who escapes with life. From then on, the hero is all alone, in a land inhabited by aggressive natives and deadly dangerous animals. And since in a prehistoric wilderness a solitary hunter may be a tainted beast for the first predator encountered, Takkar’s primary goal is to form a new tribe and to provide him with security and conditions for development.

Story of game

In terms of mechanics, Far Cry Primal for Windows PC platform offers all the features of its predecessors, but due to the completely different realities in which the game was embedded, the different accents were spread in a slightly different way. The game takes place in a vast open world in which, in addition to the basic role-playing missions, players will have a whole host of overwhelming tasks and challenges, hostile backdrops to hide, hidden enemies and dangerous species of animals we will have to hunt. As in previous releases of the Far Cry series, the developers focused primarily on providing full freedom of action and many alternative ways to accomplish missions. Thanks to that, the game will find something for both pure action lovers and players who prefer to sneak in and use more sophisticated strategies. Compared to the previous series, Far Cry Primal has acquired a craft system in comparison with previous releases. In the prehistoric realities of the game we have to produce all weapons and other useful accessories ourselves, using a wide range of raw materials such as different types of stones or plants, and animal bones and skins. Spears, spears, bows, knives, knives and other primitive weapons are available to the players, and a fire that not only plays a key role in survival, but also provides a variety of tactical options. The lack of any vehicles compensates the possibility of riding different species of animals, so that we can travel the land of Oros much faster and more efficient than on foot. Unlike the last full-fledged multiplayer sessions, offering multiplayer options, Far Cry Primal does not offer any form of multiplayer fun and was created solely as a “one-man experience.”

When Far Cry Primal was announced, many people had the misfortune that Ubisoft had abandoned the main axis of the series and was focused on spin-off. He resigns from the tropical environment in favor of throwing a player into the world of the Stone Age. It’s a misunderstanding to shell out for mammoths. That would be the next DLC to pay for like a new game … If you belong to this group I can tell you one thing: you were wrong. Transfer of shares up to 10 000 p.n. This is one of the better things that has happened to Far Cry since the release of the great Blood Dragon. Only then did we face a short jump from the main universe, and now we get an almost completely new title that will take us from life for at least several dozen hours. Far Cry Primal is a bit like Lego blocks. We already know most of the elements, we are well aware of what this game is all about, but every new set is a great pleasure. Here a lot of blocks come from Far Cry 4. Rock climbing? Is. Possibility of traveling on the back of an elephant? It is, instead of the elephant we ride the mammoth. Taking over the watchtowers? I know. Open world with loads of stuff to collect and missions to do? It could not miss it. And now you think that Ubisoft did the same thing in the last installment of Assassin’s Creed – changed the place of action without changing the mechanics of the gameplay. Fortunately, changes affecting the course of the game are quite a lot here, though unfortunately as many of the elements have been duplicated from the previous page. The beginning you know well from the promotional materials. We play the warrior Takkar, who, along with his companions, goes out to hunt. Hunger dreads, and mammoth meat could satisfy him for several weeks. The game is worth the candle, but in the land of Oros this man is a game. The attack of the saber-toothed tiger on the kinsmen and only the miraculous elimination of death makes Takkar the only surviving representative of the tribe of Linda. At least it seems to him …

Far Cry Primal Game full version

PC Downloaden Game

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