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Far Cry 5 is another part of the popular FPS series. This time the route goes to the American state of Montana, where there are rows of ruthless religious fanatics. As in the case of the previous cycle, the game is based on exploration, role-playing and side missions, and against opponents. As we progress progressively, we gain access to an increasingly powerful arsenal, as well as to improvements in the equipment crafted in the system with an extensive crafting system. The whole is enjoying thick graphical options. The full-fledged fifth installment of the bestselling FPP shooter series – as was the case with earlier releases, Ubisoft Montreal, under the wings of the French Ubisoft company, is responsible for its production. The title has been released on many platforms where PC Windows is listed.


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Description of the game

Unlike the predecessors, the position does not take players on a trip to exotic destinations, but to the United States, to Montana, one of the least populous corners of the country, lying in its northwestern border on Canada. However, the changes introduced by the creators do not stop – for the first time in the history of the series we play the hero created by him, and the entire feature campaign can be completed both alone and in the company of another player. Far Cry 5 is set in the fictional county of Hope in the US state of Montant. The player enters into a police officer or police officer, and his task is to develop and destroy a criminal organization under the cover of a fanatical religious cult known as The Project At Eden’s Gate. Joseph Seed is head of the group, who rudely rivals the opponents he calls sinners. Once again in the history of the series we are dealing with an exceptionally sadistic and charismatic villain. The protagonist is not alone – in the course of adventures, he is joined by his allies, such as Mary May Fairgrave, Nick Rye and pastor Jerome Jeffries With fanatics in the name of higher good.

Story of game

As was the case in earlier parts of the series, the Windows Far Cry 5 PC release is based on the first person. We start with the creation of the hero – for the first time in the history of games under the sign of Far Cry we are deciding on his gender and appearance. Over time, our ward gains experience, developing a range of special skills and attributes. Once again at our disposal is the extensive an open world consisting of vast pastures, river valleys and mountainous terrain. Because of its size, vehicles – in addition to cars – have come to our disposal quads, tractors, and even boats and planes. Seeda Fanatomy faces both in space and on the surface – a sophisticated arsenal of modifiable firearms and white weapons is in our hands; The latter includes, for example, clubs, knives and even forks. It is worth mentioning that during the struggle we can engage in open exchange of fire or put on sneaking and eliminating enemies from surprise. In addition to the main quest, Far Cry 5 awaits a number of side missions and various optional activities. Crafting is very important here, and with the Far Cry Primal pattern, you can tame the wild animals in the game and then help us fight. Support is also provided to our allies who are recruited from the county population – their loyalty is gaining in return for their assigned tasks. Far Cry 5 can be completed not only alone but also in the company of another player. The mode of cooperation prepared for the game involves the whole feature film campaign and all side activities. An additional attraction is a map editor, with which we can modify the boards and create their own scenarios for multiplayer gameplay. Just like previous cycles, the Far Cry 5 features a high-end graphic design. Particularly rich in detail, especially with lush vegetation, is worth mentioning. Realistic water reproduction can also be enjoyed. The complete soundtrack is a climatic soundtrack.

A lot of information about the new Ubisoft game. A few days ago, the French publisher announced the first presentation of Far Cry 5, and kept its promise, because today there were rumors promoting the production. You have to admit that the “five” promises to be more interesting than the last part about the Primal sub title. Unfortunately, it will take some time for her to premiere. At Far Cry 5 we will welcome you to Hope Country in Montana, which at first glance is an idyllic place for people who love freedom, but also the cradle of the fanciful worship of the Gate of Eden. The sect led by Joseph Seed’s self-proclaimed prophet had a perfect penetration into a society in which only a small group of people were able to become worshipers. A player who arrives in the county is to raise a flame of rebellion and to lead a resistance movement to liberate the population. As in every game in the Far Cry series, in the most recent part, we get a big world, with a mass of different weapons and means of transport. According to the creators, we will be able to take part in events in any order we choose. Interestingly, for the first time we get the opportunity to create your character from scratch – Ubisoft had to prepare a variety of options to customize the look. The title will be filled with solutions that we know well from other open world games. Performing tasks raises the level of resistance, and upon obtaining the appropriate indicator, you will be able to sew so-called heralds, probably the heads of the selected Hope Country parts. The manufacturer has prepared many side activities, including fishing and hunting. In the game you will find a lot of different types of vehicles – from cars, quads, trucks, tractors and planes to finishing. Interestingly, in the production will be available air combat and even bombardment. The game will be completed by itself and in cooperation with the other player. Unfortunately, the Far Cry 5 debut will have to wait a bit. Ubisoft has revealed that his new game will be available until February 27, 2018. The title will go to PC and PS4 and XONE consoles.

Far Cry 5 Game full version

PC Downloaden Game

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