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Far Cry 4 is the fourth full-fledged version of the popular first person shooter series. The title was produced by Ubisoft Montreal studio in collaboration with other developer teams Ubisoft. The game highlights first of all the open structure of the world and excellent audiovisual setting. Far Cry 4 is another release of the highly popular first-person sandbox shooter series. The first part of the series was produced by Crytek in 2004. A year later, the French company Ubisoft took over the responsibility for creating sequels and console spin-offs. The fourth part of Far Cry was made mostly in the Ubisoft development studio in montreal, but with the production, practically all other branches of the company participated in the production process to a greater or lesser extent. Far Cry 4 is the first title in the series that appeared on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.


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Description of the game

Far Cry 4 moves us to Kyrat. It is a small fictional country in the Himalayas, whose inhabitants are attached to tradition and a simple model of life. You are shaken by the civil war that is the result of Pagan Mina’s actions, the eccentric military warlord and the self-proclaimed ruler of Kyrat. Together with his supporters, he implements the rule of the iron hand, ignoring the civilian victims of the conflict. Mina’s unrestrained resistance puts the rebels trying to push him away from power and stop the escalation of raging violence. The main character of the game is called Ajay Ghale. He travels to Kyrat to fulfill the wish of dying mother. On the spot is engaged in the fight between supporters of the dictator and partisans. During the game players will gradually learn the secrets of Kyrat. Thanks to its specific location, the fictitious country offers diverse and interesting locations – from snowy mountain trails to dense woods, as well as towns, old ruins, etc. There are also all kinds of wildlife that we can hunt down, and the resulting salted fish In a proven crafting system for larger holster, wallet etc. During the game we can freely move throughout the territory of the Himalayan state, which is a large and open map. We will also use various means of transport. Among the novelties were, among others. Gypsy Beam, Tuk-Tuk authorizer, wingsuit or even an elephant, which we can also use as a live tank. Besides, at some point the game allows us to meditate, transferring us for some time to the fantastic land of Shangri-La.

Story of game

Kyrat. A land at the foot of the Himalayas ruled by King Pagan Mina, another “shabis” from the ubisoft antagonist gallery. In a country ruled by a military warlord with a hard hand, where terror is at every step, not all have put down arms. Resistance puts the organization Golden Road. However, there is no consensus in it. The rebellion could harm the conflict among its leaders, one of whom wants to bring people back to their old traditions and beliefs, while the other does not hesitate to trade drugs to liberate the country and introduce more liberal principles of coexistence. Your name is Ajay Ghale. You go straight to Kyrata from America to fulfill the request of a mother whose wish was to scatter her ashes in her homeland. It is up to you to whom you will offer your services. The last sentence does not completely reflect the actual state of things, but it is not untrue. It often does not start with a review of the game since it can be completed in a few minutes, by staying in good command of the archer. Apart from this little joke prepared by the creators, Kyrat is actually going to be dictated by the Golden Path. The missions that we fill for organizations vary, however, depending on our support for one of the leaders. Their goals will be opposed, and the candidate backed by us will be the leader of the entire organization for some time. This does not mean that the game can be traversed twice in different ways, because such alternative missions are just a few, but it introduces a breath of freshness. Just in case we would not notice that after the first few hours of play we noticed that the title we changed had changed.

The greatest advantage of Far Cry 4, and at the same time its biggest drawback, is that almost all character development, the mechanisms that govern the open world, and even some characters are in fact the basis of the predecessor. In the latter case even literally, because we will once again meet Willis or Hurk. Someone might even say that it is Far Cry 3.5, but by adopting this point of view we can easily fall into the same naming convention of any continuation, whose creators do not resign from previous ideas. And if something worked well, why change it? Far Cry 4 is simply more refined, more interesting and more dynamic than the third. What is it worth to have a slightly more varied appearance of the world, a few small patents facilitating the conduct of the game and new means of transport. And of course, a graphic design that may not be thrown on the knee, but it shows that we are dealing with some progress in using the Dunia engine. Usually the weakest element of any shooting is the storyline. What sets Ubisoft apart from many other tycoons is, in my opinion, the desire to push the story into its production a bit bigger than just “kill everyone, find the key, go to the next level.” Unfortunately, I can not say the same about the four. It is true that we are not dealing here with a teenager, in a few days transformed into Rambo clone and cold-blooded hostile foes, but Ajay Ghale, who as a man learning the story of his parents is not at all convincing. Challenges facing the game, and the story of the game did not make me look forward to it. Far Cry 4 times puts the player in front of a moral choice and these are definitely the brightest points of the campaign, but really only once for a long time I hesitated what I should do. In other cases, I was more interested in whether or not I would sometimes miss some interesting animation. Thirty-two main missions are enough for a dozen hours of fun, but when you want to finish the game one hundred percent, it’s going to be something to do for a long, long time.

Far Cry 4 Game full version

PC Downloaden Game

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