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Far Cry 3 is the third part of the famous Far Cry series, a shooter with a view FPP, produced by Ubisoft Studios. Players play Jason Brody, who, as a result of an unhappy parachute jump, lands on an island controlled by psychopathic pirates. Far Cry 3 is the third installment of the popular first-person shooter series in which we traverse an open world and participate in diverse clashes with intelligent opponents. Ubisoft’s Ubisoft Studio, like Ubisoft’s Shanghai, Massive Entertainment, and Ubisoft Reflections, also supports Ubisoft Montreal. Players play Jason Brody, whose holiday has been broken in a brutal way and as a result of an unhappy parachute jump landed on an island, possessed by psychopathic pirates.


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Description of the game

What’s worse, a group of friends staying in captivity, and everywhere hovers around unscrupulous and psychologically unstable murderers. To save his loved ones and get out of this damned place, Jason will have to learn how to kill quickly. Far Cry 3 is a first-person shooter. Most of the time we spend on eliminating enemies with all available methods. What distinguishes this game from most competitive FPS is freedom of action. Levels are usually open structure and allow players to choose their own tactics. It is possible to silently deprive opponents of life as well as Rambo style play, where with a shout on the mouth and a rifle in the hands we fall into the middle of the enemy camp. An interesting element is also the simplified RPG system. For the progress of the campaign we are rewarded with experience points, for which we then buy new skills, assigned to three paths of development: heron, spider and shark. Each of them awards a different style of eliminating opponents and facilitates the exploration of the archipelago.┬áIn addition to the solo campaign is multiplayer, which suits Ubisoft Massive, a Swedish studio known for great real time strategies.

Story of game

Far Cry 3 is for the moment the absolute biggest positive surprise of the year. A game that has proven to be able to fit both an open world, a rich game mechanics, and a fabulous story in one production. Ubisoft Montreal has done something that goes just a few – he combined a great adult story with the sandbox character of the gameplay. And although to a bit lack of excellence, so Far Cry 3 in my opinion has a good chance to fight worthily in any combination of “games of the year”. And yet the previous part of the cycle, despite many similar assumptions and ideas, was rather quite unequivocally treated as not very successful. So where is the mystery of the current success of the Canadian Ubi unit? Well in the ability to listen to critical voices, analyze them, draw conclusions and adapt them in the newly created game. In general assumptions, we are dealing with Far Cry 3 with an almost identical concept. Creators are throwing us into a relatively open world in which we move with great freedom, either by the main thread or by a series of optional tasks. Only that the whole thing was finally thought out and reasonably designed. The thing that most discouraged deep into the world of Far Cry 2 was the constant and often insane respawn of opponents who were able to materialize in any bush almost before our eyes. This is in a similar way, but we were given a simple opportunity to prevent this phenomenon. Just enough to bounce from the enemy’s hands scattered across the map posts, then taken over by allies will make the ducts and paths fill up with “our”. Comfortable, yet at the same time giving us the easiest way to feel that we have a direct influence on the layout of forces on the islands.

It’s also very important, because Far Cry 3 is even more powerful than its predecessor, exploring, finding a variety of secrets, and using quite a number of optional attractions prepared for us by the creators. First of all, it is one of the few games in which it is really worth hunting for animals. An elaborate crafting system, in that it uses a variety of animal skins in its craft. Without them we can forget to carry more than one giraffe, just a few bucks or a few potions. So we hunt to be better equipped. And it actually gives a lot of fun. In addition, we collect plants to create potions. We are looking for letters from Japanese soldiers of WWII, sometimes cleverly depicted statues of local deities, all the time supplementing a specific encyclopedia of knowledge about the Rook Islands. All of this, in part, is a system of connected vessels, because subsequent missions or items will unlock new rules or weapons. Another brilliant example in its simplicity is mobilizing the player to make non-compulsory activities. In addition, we have several simple story missions and a whole range of so-called “pastimes”, namely simple competition – from knife competitions, time-travel and various poker games to trial. Rakyat, the local version of survival mode. Interestingly, this last form of play allows us to save our records on rocks using the uPlay system. For everything – and killing opponents – we get experience points, which we then spend in one of three parallel development trees. And that’s where the fun begins. What is the pleasure of simply shooting a machine gun of pirate gangs? Well, by the way, sometimes it’s even funny. However, only by acquiring new abilities, especially in connection with the so-called Eliminations, we begin to see the true richness of the ways of decapitation of enemies in Far Cry 3.

Far Cry 3 Game full version

PC Downloaden Game

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