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An independent strategic and economic game created by two Czech programmers. In production we get to a foreign planet where we have to build factories and take care of their smooth operation. Our tasks include the acquisition of raw materials, the development of transport systems, protection and more. Factorio is an independent economic strategy in which we build factories and manage them. The title was created by two Czech programmers working under Wube Software, who have long loved the production of Transport Tycoon, Civilization and SimCity, as a model for their own game. The project was funded by Indiegogo in 2013, and shortly thereafter a playable alpha version was released.


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Description of the game

In Factorio our main task is to build factories and manage them on a dangerous alien planet. So we have to take care of the raw materials needed to build more buildings, as well as to optimize the production lines, among others. By introducing new technologies invented in research centers or constantly improving the methods of delivering goods to the place of processing. In addition to all this, you also need to take care of the safety of the factories that are being attacked by the native inhabitants of the planet – so we put defensive walls and turrets; We can also harass the nest of hostile wildlife ourselves. Factorio action is observed from a camera placed high above our hero’s head. The game takes place both in the campaign and the free game, and the developers have prepared different levels of difficulty. Factories are not only buildings themselves, but also equipment, weapons and transport systems to deliver the manufactured parts to the right places. Factorio also has a map editor and support for fan modifications. Factorio was created in a simple, two-dimensional graphic style, based on the popular 90s sprites. As a result, the gray-haired graphic design is quite poor.

Story of game

I am a very demanding player. By covering hundreds of titles during my life, only a small percentage of them fell into my memory. If the game was not a champion in its genre, it simply landed on the shelf, or on allegro. If I thought the game was too technical or even cheating – I was not torturing myself, I just turned it off. During the reviewer’s career, I have been criticized for such productions as the Skate 3. But there are some games that have bought me in all its glory. Fable Fable, which hooked me up to the old-fashioned Xbox for a bite of three days. First minecraft launch, at which I forgot that the world outside the game exists. There is also Factorio. Factorio, from Wube Software. Factorio, who caught me, enchanted, sucked to the end and did not let go. Phenomenon, so can in this word summarize the game. But one word would be high injustice to this production. This is not a AAA game. Ba, was not even officially released: the game is in Steam Early Access. However, it is a complete product. Every inch. All aspects of this game have been refined already in 2015, when I first heard about this title. But maybe one by one. Factorio is a game … basically, it’s hard to attribute to any category. The easiest way would be to describe it as a logistic strategic game. Yes, unfortunately humanists have nothing to look for here. The gameplay is based on logical rules of resource distribution and production. The game world is in a nice two-dimensional view, which reminds me personally of the universe known from the first two Fallouts. But the similarities end, because our goal is to build a network of efficient machines, not saving the world known to us.

Well, we direct an engineer who has been sent to a foreign land to extract raw materials and create the right conditions for our species to send a settlement mission. And that is basically a very simple matter, since it takes 30 hours to get started and get the materials and technology you need to complete the game. The game is terribly long, but what is best in it is the fact that only from us and our resource management skills really depends on how effective we are. So how does the scheme look like? I would like to write “straight”, but I have to repeat and use, probably not the last time, the words “logically”. We start playing with a basic drilling platform, one stove, and a pickaxe. At first it is easy and pleasant, we extract some iron, we melt it in an iron plate, we build another platform to extract copper ore, coal and some stone … but in the end, we are bored of flying from deposit to deposit and watching whether all drilling rigs They have the right coal resources. And here comes the true magic of Factorio, automatism. Everything we do in the game should and must be automated. The game gives you tremendous opportunities, while keeping things simple and fun to use. So we get two main tools – conveyors that carry items from place to place and conveyors that carry our resources or materials over longer distances. But it’s still a long time coming. We continue investing in steam engines, replacing weak coal electric drills, automating production processes … to finally reach a point where we can not do anything else unless we get the right technology. So we are building a research laboratory that requires several types of research packages to work.

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