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Everspace is a space shooter developed for PCs in which we explore an open-plan galaxy. The game offers a simple control system and focuses on dynamic clashes. Between battles we have the opportunity to collect raw materials and improve our ships. Everspace is a Windows-based space shooter, enhanced with roguelike elements. This is the debut production of the Rockfish team, whose founders previously worked at the Fishlabs studio, where they developed a mainly dedicated to the mobile space shooter series Galaxy on Fire. The action takes us into the distant future, in times when humanity colonized countless planetary systems.


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Description of the game

The game puts a lot of emphasis on the feature. Falko Löffler, who created stories in such adventures as Jack Keane and all the hits in the Anhk series, was responsible for the script. There is no shortage of production to drive spaceships, but most of this type of emphasis is on the simulated aspect and the complex gameplay mechanics. By creating the Everspace developers went in another direction and offered a shooter with a simple control system and dynamic skirmishes. We watch both from the cockpit and the camera behind our ship. We spend time exploring the open-plan galaxy, collecting raw materials, fighting and completing missions. The skirmishes are 100% agility, and their course diversifies the powerful damage system. The ship’s repair and modification with a powerful upgrade system plays a key role. Interestingly, Everspace on a Windows PC has been designed to let a player die as often as possible. Death of his character does not end the fun though.

Story of game

Instead, we start over in another version of the same universe, where the key elements have been heavily reworked and altered so that new adventures await us each time. At the same time we do not start from scratch. Instead, we get a lot of equipment, the better, the better we went in the previous game. In this way we have achieved the cycle of death and rebirth, in which we step by step become more and more powerful. There is a small chance that in your case No Man’s Sky did not come in any respect. You are reminded of the good shooting in space that House of the Dying Sun brought with you. Everspace? Hello, ladies. A game case that would fly past me not noticed at all. At least I do not recall a little announcement or a piece of information about this project. It was a shame, though, thanks to that, perhaps, I avoided excessive excitement, which again triggered a recent trailer. Here it is, it is coming, because before the premiere, the place will find on the shelf of early access, Everspace, which not only looks very nice, sure to be sure. The current version does not yet contain everything that is not strange. Ultimately, everything will be multiplied. There will be more enemies, the number of available ships will jump from one to three, new toys and weapons will come along, and the same naming will change. What the picture suggests, Everspace is a cosmic whiz in systems and launching a solution. Mainly. The early access and the available version will undoubtedly be the sets of tasks the game throws daredevils.

Kill as many units on a single trip, collect some credits or something else, nothing complicated, but it is a motivation for visiting more procedural points. The same visited boards, let’s say, are not open spaces, no landings on planets and invisible walls, which is understandable due to the chosen gameplay pattern. It’s a shame, but honestly it’s after NMS not at all. So much good. Not every game has to be about exploring anything, no. Because it is not any maximum exploration, thinning, yes, and more here the cool swing of lasers towards the opponent. Well yes, the bottom line, because Everspace is flying with a lot of random content. No, it’s a lot cooler than NMS. I disregard the fact that visited places vary significantly, although sometimes they appear similar. But they contain a variety of interesting points, extraction bases, bases to visit, freighter to pluck, or drones to shoot down. Raw materials are going to trade and delicate crafting, which will ensure better functioning of the ship, allowing the improvement of the individual subsystems. Procedures are also the pathways that will come to us to follow, what a look taken out alive with FTL. A grid of interconnected points, between which you can jump and enjoy the view of space on the beast Unreal Engine 4, topped with a gate connecting the second sector. And then jump to the next sector and more everything. And it’s fun, despite the lack of some special tasks, though I hit the SOS signals in space and on the battles with some organized groups. And no, there is no multiplayer, and no one is lying to be.

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PC Downloaden Game

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