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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Download game

The next part of the well-known simulator truck with the action played out in Europe, by SCS Software. We play as a truck driver of the vehicle, and our task is to deliver the goods to their destination as quickly as possible, the optimum time. The creators decided to listen to the faithful fans and introduce a large number of amendments in relation to the original. The title works on a completely new graphics engine that allowed for larger map of Europe, adding new cities and optimize the game. Euro Truck Simulator 2 download is the second edition of the simulator from SCS Software, which sit behind the wheel of a powerful truck. The title introduces a number of improvements compared to its predecessor, which were supposed to make real game. For fans of this type of position valuable information should be the fact that for the game are responsible, among other things, people who had previously worked on Hard Truck 18 Wheels of Steel – another production on this subject.


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Description of the game

The authors designing their work focused mainly on adapting it to the tastes of European consumers. As a result, the second time we visited one thousand kilometers of roads stretching over the Old Continent, hitting to many famous cities. The game traditionally involves dowiezieniu designated cargo to the destination, making it the best as soon as possible, showing off the way the art of skilful driving the truck. The creators took care of the licenses of famous brands, so we manage vehicle manufacturers such as Mercedes, Scania and many others. Individual trucks resemble therefore their real counterparts. No problem, we can also modify their appearance. There is in fact the possibility of applying new halogen and other additives, as well as changes in painting. The developer has put on simulation approach to the subject, which can be felt even through the model driving. For lovers of theme greatest treat is controlled using the view from the cab when it can best empathize with their role. The creators also failed to adapt control of the truck to the pad, so the game becomes accessible also for the players enjoying this type of controllers.

Story of game

Although the past few years the market has appeared a lot of titles themed, waiting for the launch of Download Euro Truck Simulator 2 was accompanied by a real tension, turned up further by another postponement of the debut. Sam I am not an avid “trucker”, but shorter or longer romances interacted with many similar productions ranging from the legendary Hard Truck 2 2 ETS caught on the list of games that you just have to fire up particularly through the cool realized Trucks & Trailers, and this year’s Scania Truck Driving Simulator. And although, overall, the ETS 2 is no revelation to the genre, this title has a lot of advantages that will appreciate all love to drive trucks. At the first start of Euro Truck Simulator 2 in the eye throws primarily extensive map, drawn with a really dense network of roads and highways. It dates back to the UK, through France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia to Polish. Some countries have been treated a little neglected – eg. Italy and Poland are only three cities and a few roads, but good and it is. Countries differ in appearance roads and climate, but there is between them be completely different – except maybe the UK, after which, of course, move the left side of the road, which is a nice diversion for a person living in a country with traffic on the right. In my opinion, they fail a little town – huge metropolises like at most small towns, and consist of several ways; Fortunately, they are not created on the basis of the same schemes as it used in previous games in this genre, so do not go through the cities clones that differ only in name. And fortunately, because it would be probably too powerful, though not the only blow to realism given by the ECJ 2. Eg. Passing through the Kłodzko Valley in the direction of the Czech Republic did not feel much different than beating the route Poznan – Szczecin, and yet the characteristics of the terrain and surrounding landscape They should be radically different.

Therefore, as a result, I began to wonder whether I would prefer instead of several countries one can even fictional, but devoted a really detailed way – mountains and valleys, forests and deserts, lakes and rivers, highways, roads and small, forgotten inlets between only a few but well-prepared and dedicated towns … but of course this is just my dream. The game of course is to provide the following goods to the indicated place. Initially, we order other transport companies in their respective tractors, but for a lower price. This has its advantages, as eg. All fuel costs are borne by the company. Really quickly, after only a few courses, but we can think about working on their own account – just drag 100,000 euro loan, and 20,000 make their own pocket and voilà – from this moment we are a helm, sailor and ship. Few changes to the issues raised by our orders – well, maybe the higher wages, the necessity of the personal tailboard the charge and remembering that every two – three courses take the rest, because otherwise our driver starts to fall asleep over the steering wheel, which can be fatal. By the way a real shame that we can not personally determine the length of the rest. We can imagine a situation in which we forgot to audit the level of fatigue of our driver, we have to order, and in the middle of the tour we get sleepy – the ideal solution would be a small, two-three-hour nap on the side of the road or a parking lot and continue your journey, especially if chasing us dates and the goods are to be in place within a short time. Meanwhile, the Euro Truck Simulator 2 can doze only in designated places, and the game itself, automatically determines the length of the nap, which always takes about nine hours. Detriment.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Game full version

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