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Dragon Ball: Xenoverse is another representative of the fighting genre created by Akira Toriyama. The game features some of the most iconic manga and anime duels, and utilizes several new ideas to expand the fighting and boost their dynamics. Dragon Ball: Xenoverse is a brawl based on events in the popular Akira Toriyama manga. The origin of this title is answered by veterans from the studio Dimps, known among others. To create such games in the Dragon Ball universe, like Dragon Ball Z: Budokai, Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai, Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit, Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World and Dragon Ball Evolution.


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Description of the game

In the game, the most important and most glamorous clashes in the history of the series involving Son Goku, from the duel with Vegeta and Nappa, to the fight with Freezer in the fourth stage and Cel in perfect form, to Bubu. The producer, however, decided to refocus the Dragon Ball theme a bit and introduced a new world structure, a futuristic city and more mysterious characters with superhuman abilities. Dragon Ball: Xenoverse is the first production in the brand’s history to hit the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360 One, which translates into a better-than-ever visual experience. To play as closely as Japanese animation and manga, the creators decided to choose cel-shading technology, which makes the graphic design has a characteristic comic style.

Story of game

I will begin with a fair declaration. Our review of Dragon Ball Xenoverse, like the game itself, is dedicated solely to people who know what Dragon Ballu is all about. Xenoverse does not offer any introduction or explanation, rightly assuming that only manga and anime fans will follow this game. I will immediately say that this is what it is and I intend to treat this hermeticity as an advantage! Let’s start with the plot, Xenoverse introduces the very rare in the Dragon Ball series games the mechanism of creating your own character. Named warrior is brought by Shenron to the city of Tokitoki, where the highest Kai of Time and her warriors headed by Trunks watch over the fact that the story remains unchanged. Of course, we were called because someone introduced potentially tragic changes in the stream of time, which we prevent. This focal point of departure allowed, firstly, a secure location. It is divided into three parts, the city of Tokitoki, where we find shops, teachers and reception missions and loose fighting. The whole town is big, animated and very nice menu. Secondly, time travel and modification of history allow us to visit both the storyline and the side missions, known from Dragon Ball with locations and become a part of the most important clashes. So let’s take part in the fight with Raditz, Nappa and Vegeta, Freezer, Celle, Android and … I do not want to betray everything, but I will say that there will also be new criminals. The story is not unique, but its structure gives sufficient meaning to the ongoing clans with increasingly new enemies. In other words, it does its job. The whole seems to be well rooted in the original, finally the DB Z also appeared a motif travel in time. Now let’s take a look at what is most important, ie the game itself.

The mentioned character creation is quite simplistic. We choose the gender of the hero and the race. We can play man, sayaninem, namazanin, mayin or representative of Freezera. You can choose to increase height, posture, face from several elements and choose whether our hero will specialize in ranged attacks or direct combat. Play itself consists essentially of fighting alone. In the city we can buy clothes or talk to NPCs, but every mission from these features, through the lessons of our masters is reduced to fighting … and well! After all, it’s in Dragon Ball. I have to say that as a fan of the series, which years ago with face baking waited until Namek in five minutes bursts, clashes in Xenoverse are fully satisfied. The system itself is comprised of quick, powerful, block and basic kicks, combining combos, flying saucers and combos with two-bladed combinations. That’s right, even the most powerful kamehameha are just two buttons, and the basic energy ball is sent with a single button. In the Xenoverse we will not, as in Mortal Kombat, memorize the combination of blows and I think that is so good. The fight is more reflexive and a bit tactical, and by the way it is wonderfully juicy, full of my favorite actions of DB Z. We can for example throw an opponent into space to overtake him, appear behind his back and a strong kick To send to the ground. Interestingly, we can also partially destroy the area around us. The system does not work anyway, it should. First of all, the craters in the ground disappear before our eyes as they arise. Secondly, from the technical side of the destruction animations, they look like they are. Of course, all heroes are able to fly, and fights are fought on large “arenas.” In other words, Xenoverse resembles what we saw in the Budokai Tenkaichi subsection. Veterans of this cycle may complain that Xenoverse does not bring much new to what we have already seen. It is worth remembering, however, that the game just keeps getting established long ago by manga and anime canon, which leaves little room for innovation.

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PC Downloaden Game

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