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Deus Ex Mankind Divided download

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Game PC FPP is a game that combines shooting and RPG and stealth. It is a direct continuation of Deus Ex: Human Revolution released in 2011. The game is set in the distant, dystopian future, the deleted original cyber-point books. Mankind has mastered the art of breast augmentation: placing a different kind of bio-implants and mechanical improvements, thanks to which they have for example. More strength, they can disappear with optical camouflage and their limbs are capable of the firearms.


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Description of the game

In humanity is divided Adam Jensen, the hero of the game Deus Ex: Human Revolution, two years after the events of the game than to a special branch of Interpol hunt for terrorists equipped with bio-implants. The game remained non-linear character. With all sorts of improvements to the removal of Jensen can be a variety of ways to the missions in the game: strong, with a wide variety of weapons, stealth diplomacy and avoiding contact with enemies and so on. Focus hacking computers, cameras and electronic locks. You can also combine the three styles of game. During the game also prepared to side missions that could affect the course of the missions of the plot. In Deus Ex Mankind Divided download PC studio Eidos also improved the boss fights, which can now be completed in different ways, and improved AI opponents who are more active and aggressive and improved battle with long-range weapons.

Story of game

Deus Ex is one of the most distinguished series of RPG. Older players still remember the great “number one” of the year 2000, tragic Invisible War and a great return to the peak thanks to the rebellion of Humanity. This ostatatnia position today is considered one of the best cyberpunk games in history … and quite deservedly anyway. Adventures of Adam Jensen proved draw like quicksand, the game is designed truly elections, we have received a lot of paths and choices, who co-created the brilliant narration. Crossbar before Deus Ex: Split Humanity put former so very high, and experience tells us – in such cases, the effects tend to be really unpredictable. Production continues, of course, the history of our favorite modified agent. In Jensen takes on not, however, directly after the events of the previous section, and two years later after a memorable final. After Incident, in which the wiring worldwide fell into a rage and attacked all at about humanity came the dark times. “Normal” decide in the most cut off from improved, the world simply by putting on “the old, proven segregation.” If you ever thought that this stage in the history of our civilization is already behind us, think about it again – the vision of a new Deus is not so impossible … The climate of distrust and disgust deepen further terrorist attacks carried out by the presumption of ARC – organization to protect the rights of wired. The truth, as usual, turns out to be much more complicated. The deeper we get into the story, the terrible things come to light – the game involved the mafia, the Illuminati, and this is not the end of surprises!

At this point I must mention, however, of perhaps the greatest defect Deus Ex: Split Humanity. Although the same scenario is very robust, and again follows him with flushed face it … the whole ends up unexpectedly. Completing the game focused on action in hiding and doing almost all the side missions took me about 20 hours, so it’s not so little, but when it came to the end credits, in my mind I had only one thing: “Errr … what is it? “. The situation is somewhat saves placed next scene, pretty much mixing throughout history, but all levels of Rebellion of Mankind is certainly not the case. Throughout the rest of the story split Humanity, however, I can confidently compete with great predecessor, and deserves a special applause as the authors managed to reproduce the atmosphere nieufonoĊ›ci and “techno-racial” divisions. Oppression, persecution and continuous control on the part of “normal” are felt at every step, and even belong to Interpol in no way saves before Adam Jensna. Every now and then someone checked our documents, casts few favorable comments, or simply offends us … a world in which the wiring are citizens of a lower category and absolutely nothing we can do about it. The feeling of helplessness with us anyway, and during the same mission, where you often have to choose between A and B, but no matter what we decide, and so someone has to suffer. As a rule, so I put on a lesser evil, but a moral hangover continued for me for a long time, and I admit that sometimes I find it extremely rare for gaming.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Game full version

Deus Ex Mankind Divided game pc

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