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Dead Island 2 is a arcade-style sandwiched Yager Development studio where we explore California from the perspective of a first-person, captivated by hordes of dead bodies. Fight with them alone or in multiplayer mode for up to eight people. Dead Island 2 is another sequel to the zombies sandbox series, continuing the popular Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide. This time production has not developed responsible for previous views of the Techland studio – the Polish team replaced the German team Yager Development, ie shooter Spec Ops: The Line. The action of the game starts a few months after the events of Banoi.


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Description of the game

The authorities failed to suffocate in the bud of an epidemic of a virus transforming people into living corpses. The plague spread to California and the United States government decided to use the army to create a single large quarantine zone. There were many ordinary people who refused to leave their homes. This place has also become a mecca for people looking for extreme sensations as well as renegades who can live here without any rules. During the campaign, we can explore many of the easily recognizable locations such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Venice Beach promenade in Lost Angeles. All these spots are shown in full details of the graphics generated by Unreal Engine 4 technology. Dead Island 2 is a development of solutions from previous releases. The action is set up in an open-structured world that we can explore freely, taking on numerous side-quests. The events we observe are from the eyes of the characters, and the fun is largely based on battles with hordes of zombies using a brutal combat system, using self-constructed weapons. Due to the fact that in the game there is no clear beginning and end, the player can freely undertake selected missions in any order.

Story of game

The main attraction is the presence of multiplayer mode, allowing for the play of eight players at the same time. It is up to them to cooperate or to compete. Characters have been divided into several classes, such as those specializing in direct confrontations with Berserker or preferring the sneaky approach of the Hunter. An extensive development system allows each of these professions to be matched to their own style of play. Dead Island 2 is the next installment of the survival arcade game set in the open world. Techland is not directly responsible for the title, but the Yager studio, the fathers Spec Ops: The Line. The title appeared on the market in 2016 on PS4, XONE and PC. The first Dead Island allowed for a co-op, which at any moment was able to jump on a companion, but also had a story with a definite beginning and an end. Sequel with these rigid frames breaks off, becoming almost a racial MMO, which can jolt at the same time eight players. The Dead Island 2 action takes place several months after the events of Banoi Island shown in previous releases. The United States Army took over the Golden State in full quarantine. The closed zone in California has become a bloody paradise for those who refuse to leave their homes and have a packed playground for renegades seeking adventures, glory and a new beginning. The whole area of ​​activity is facing us open, and only from our view, it depends whether we spread the zombies to Hollywood, the hill with the famous inscription, or we will choose bloodshed on the sandy beach. We only limit our skills, because some areas wander much stronger units, or there are masses that will make us alive.

Gameplay focuses on fulfilling the next tasks that motivate us to act, raise the character level, gaining new and stronger weapons and upgrades. With the help of virtual kilometers, we can help with four wheels, closely related to character classes. These four are scheduled to be so fast Speeder will sit behind the wheel of a sports car, the bold Berserker equally powerful SUV, and the group closes the Hunter and Bishop. Characters distinguish different development trees. Each of the classes is specialized in a specific activity, so you will not make a quiet guy acting out of a brutal show of Berserker power. In turn, he and the speeder can also use the katana, but only the latter, especially strong in the issue of white weapons, will do with its help more elaborate and more effective killings. In the game we use a mass of weapons that we can improve. After a few electric batteries were pulled from a nearby dilapidated shop, a piece of wrecking iron was enriched with an electric digging option, and as we picked up a couple of petrol canisters, the guns fired added fireworks to the zombies. Each weapon has two slots for modifications – one is responsible for the additional effect, the other is a modifier, for example, increasing the damage of the damage. We repair and modify the equipment on the fly. We start on a fenced parking lot – it’s a safe haven where the undead do not pour, and we can fix the car, buy the equipment, or heal the companions. It is also possible to quickly travel between the already opened car parks. Zombies also have their own “classes,” so on the road we will encounter individuals sprinting in our direction, slow-moving, bubble-blown suicide, exploding whenever we are near, or larger individuals with various color canisters on the back.

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PC Downloaden Game

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