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Action game featuring elements specific to roguelike and metroidvania production. The gameplay pillar is the exploration of the gloomy castle and the fight against the opponents encountered. Adventure is characterized by a high level of difficulty, and the death of our character involves the need to start the fun from the beginning. Dead Cells is an action game, enriched with elements specific to roguelike and metroidvania. The title appeared on the Windows PC platform, and was developed by the independent French studio Motion Twin. In Dead Cells the player goes to a dark, fantastic world.


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Description of the game

The action is presented in a side perspective, and the game’s core is the exploration of the gloomy castle and the fight against opponents encountered on the way. Individual sites are routinely generated – many rooms, courtyards, or even underground channels await visitors. The levels have a nonlinear nature, and many places lead diametrically different paths. It should be noted that the death of our characters is permanent, so it is necessary to start the adventure from the beginning. Although it is not easy to miss any checkpoint system, it is important to remember that after each rebirth we gain access to new parts of the fortress. Fun diversify the simple environmental puzzles – pulling up the found lever may result in the opening of a previously blocked passage, sometimes located in a distant corner of the map. The clashes with the adversaries play an important role in the game. In this case, the inspiration for the developers was primarily the Souls series – duels are characterized by high levels of difficulty, and the deadly danger is not only the powerful bosses, but also the lesser opponents.

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Story of game

The key to success is therefore to develop patterns of outlining attacks and have a well-developed character. In battles we make use of both white weapons and ranged attacks, as well as more or less powerful offensive and defensive spells. Dead Cells on the Windows PC platform feature a colorful two-dimensional graphic design.

Although maintained in pixelart style, the elements of the eight and sixteenth-century era have been enriched with modern, advanced visual effects. Yesterday for Early Access on Steam was Dead Cells – an indie game that combines roguelike and metroidvania created by the French Motion Twin studio. So far no specific date of the official release has been given. We invite you to watch the trailer.

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PC Downloaden Game