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Dead by Daylight is designed for PCs multiplayer action game inspired by the horror movie slasher type. The gameplay involved five people. One of them takes the role of a killer, hunting for four ordinary people controlled by the other participants in the fun. Dead by Daylight is released on the PC Windows platform multiplayer action game with an asymmetrical multiplayer. The production studio has developed Behaviour Interactive, known for titles such as Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade or Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise. Available for PC Windows Dead by Daylight is based on the theme, which was the foundation of countless horror films. In game four ordinary mortals trying to survive the start of the preternaturally strong and extremely difficult to compaction murderer.


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Description of the game

To escape, potential victims are forced to cooperate with each other, but this does not mean that it should always keep in mind the fate of their comrades. In each game, because there are numerous opportunities to betray allies, because ultimately the priority is the survival of our character, even at the expense of the death of other people. Player control killer gets access to a sizeable choice of weapons and the immediate challenge is almost always turns out to be victorious. Therefore, the victim must demonstrate considerable ingenuity to avoid close combat, set traps, and if necessary, do not hesitate to take the leg belt. Following a murderer, we observe the action from a first person perspective. While playing his victims receive camera view TPP, which allows them to better orientation in the environment and enables eg. See what is around the corner without betraying their position. You can choose from several murderers, and each has unique abilities. Interestingly, the other participants have fun discovering who you are dealing only with the first contact with the enemy. In conjunction with procedurally generated maps provides a gameplay unpredictability and makes sacrifices can never feel safe.

Story of game

If they only knew how horrible secret hiding residents of X-ville. Once in the air dance arc swirled first sparks of fire, someone has watched them from the depths of the ancient forest. He waited, wiping blood thirsty lips. It started with a flash of the blade in the moonlight. A stop must only be on a rusty hook in the cellar rotten shed. The hunt is already underway. Who is the victim? Starring: Skilled in Bespectacled, The Black, what will be the first, The Loose, whose itches and Accidentally Sexy. The film from the creator who gave you “Just Another Slasher Flick” and “Boobs, Drugs and Psychokiller”, and manufacturers of several most typical horror films of the last decade. “Dead by Daylight!” Because death can wait until morning. If the trailer makes your guts fall down already on the other side and the only pleasure in the film would find the obligatory scene rozbieranej, this means two things: 1) you have experience in slasherów variety of horror films, a collection of the Thirteenth Fridays at your fingertips; 2) just got an intriguing title for the restriction. Unless, of course, the positions only network you spin. Given the recent hits – is it a good chance. Created by studio Behaviour Interactive Dead by Daylight very deftly uses all the clichés of the genre funny. Only I not with a wink, as in Until Dawn. Because any fun formula here is not uświadczycie. DBD remains faithful to the tradition of the Camping sites. It does, however experience it somewhat differently. Fresh and with a huge dose of immersion. In a word – check in all these situations, with whom we have fun during the session. I think the same is a classic “we should split up.” Inspiration can be seen at first glance.

We find here a little manual of proven motives. Starting with the location, where the predominant misty forests and wooden huts, by the characters, which you control, until the silhouette of persecuting their psychopathic killers. Decaying trap bully with a mask on his face could easily play the son of Jason Vorhees. Deformed dwarf with a chainsaw is reportedly a cousin Leatherface and invisible ghost must have hung a poster of “Hellraiser” over the bed in his school days. This cheerful three dreams only of people on butcher hooks. And people know about survival. I nabiciu next level. Dead by Daylight has only one mode of play – asymmetrical multiplayer, which we can compare the poverty of Evolve. Four players take on the form of defenseless youngsters fifth assumes hockey mask and starts hunting. A matter of taste, but for me incomparably more interesting is the role who tries to survive. Once your site is then only a third-person camera and – assumptions – other unlucky. The task of the player is to run five generators on the map, opening the front door, and no zwianie from machetes fifth participant in the game. People in general are vulnerable, so a meeting with the killer typically ends in bloodshed. He may try to escape, because even though the straight we are caught in a moment, badly he goes to jump over low obstacles. Ba, he may even escape. However, the maps in the game are so small that there is no way to avoid another confrontation. And the next. And in the end – death.

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