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DayZ is developed by Bohemia Interactive Studio first person shooter in which players move into the world of the zombie. The game focuses on elements of survival and avoiding combat is often the best strategy for survival. DayZ is focused on the aspect of survivalowym network shooter game, where the action takes place in a world where most of the population turned into bloodthirsty zombies. It is a commercial sequel to the wildly popular fashion ArmA II. The game takes us to Czarnorusi, which is vast on more than 225 square kilometers of post-communist country.


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Description of the game

The action begins some time after the outbreak of zombies, which transformed most of humanity into bloodthirsty living dead. Fun begin by creating a character. In DayZ player character is stored on a central server, so that regardless of the selected game server, we always start the game in a place where we finished last time. Our goal is to survive as long as possible, while gaining the best equipment. In his improvement will certainly help an extensive crafting system, allowing the combination of acquired objects and create a more powerful weapon or object to facilitate the fight against opponents. Every day we deal with different challenges, including hunger and cold. Tasks does not help us as a very realistic feeding system, in which we must pay attention to the nutritional value of products consumed, a poor diet leads to many diseases. Tension during the game reinforces the fact that if we die, we lose all the gains and we have to start from scratch.

Story of game

It is impossible to say gently, so the General bluntly. A standalone version of DayZ is now in tatters, and players may only saw his teeth with rage – nothing indicates that the situation rapidly improved. On the contrary – in retrospect I feel that it is only worse. I wanted to say “so beautiful disaster”, the problem is that not beautiful. And certainly not smooth or well designed. No, but if I’m a bully, I’ll do it methodically. Get in. A ride roller and squeezing of the standalone version of DayZ everything possible. The fundamental problem with the production of Bohemia Interactive is as follows: the developer is trying to push through solutions known fashion to the full version of the game. So while the concept itself – wandering through the huge map in search of the remains of inventory, combined with merciless interaction between players – is quite versatile and can be checked, so the full-fledged production, for which we pay considerable in money, require a certain level when it comes to production values. A standalone version of DayZ, unfortunately, not only surpassed the mods, but in many ways it is even worse, less refined and more coarse than the amateur version! Start a fun always looks the same – after searching the server spawns on the map already known – Chernarus. We start as standard – from the search area. In fact, a good eighty percent of the game we will spend in this way – going from building to building, looking for the next rags, backpacks, hammers, preserves and cans of Coca-Cola. From time to time we come across on a weapon – a hammer, pickaxe, rifle, gun, etc.

Already at this stage you can see that developers do everything “to piss off.” While in fashion, I was able to understand that objects appear more without order, usually on the ground in sheds or near beds, as in a normal game I’d like to search the drawers to find various pierdółki, loot shops in search of food and military outposts, and especially abandoned cars, in search of weapons. Even ran out animation bending the items. Here everything is contractual, not to mention the fact that washed out of the climate, as well as gray and visually monotonous in every room or skserowanej peasant hut. Bits that could give the character and history of the places visited? Forget. The rooms are visited three furniture, and in składzikach two metal shelves straight from Ikea, possibly a rozpikselizowany obrazik or rug for decoration. Now that I am the visual impressions, we must mention that DayZ technically lies and squeals. Again – the fashion you could not demand too much. It was created after the amateur who probably benefited the most from the already finished assetów of ArmA II. But what excuse is Bohemia Interactive, which after all has delegated this task a whole team of professionals? Why textures are repetitive, poorly made, just ugly? Why is the character models move as if they were puppets? Why ugly map is being loaded up for several seconds after loading the map? Why did you turn off the map, we must watch the loading screen before once again see our character and the world around us? There clung to it in 2013, but Bohemia Interactive got me two years to play embracing these issues and there is no indication that the company intended to improve this deplorable state of affairs. DayZ looks exactly the same as at the end of 2013, it is also more bugged. I see no justification. Fair scenery is definitely not enough to say that the game is even correct in this respect.

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