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Darkest Dungeon is a bleak RPG game with a turn-based combat system in which we explore monsters filled dungeons. During play, the mental state of the character plays a key role, slowly eroding due to the stress and fear caused by expeditions to the underworld. Darkest Dungeon on PC Windows platform is a turn-based RPG game in a dark fantasy environment. The production was developed by Canadian Red Hook studio. Action Darkest Dungeon takes place in a gloomy fantasy world inspired by Gothic and H.P. Lovecrafta. The campaign is mainly in the ruins of an old farmhouse and under its huge dungeon system.


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Description of the game

The place was ruled by the forces of darkness as a result of the recklessness of the last lord of these lands. During adventures we discover the past of his entire family and the truth about the pestilence that his members brought to this world.┬áIn the Darkest Dungeon, players mainly deal with exploring full of monsters and dungeons. These expeditions, however, were implemented in a way different from the standards of the RPG genre. The emotional state of the character, not just their equipment, plays an important role here. The heart of the game is a system that simulates the psyche of heroes. Team members are not unshakeable heroes and terrifying experiences do not affect their emotional state, so they are forced to deal with stress and phobias during the game. As a result, after several expeditions each subordinate has its own reactions and tendencies. Success requires constant monitoring of the team’s mental health, because if we do not take care of it, then its members can panic, fall into paranoia, be depraved, or even fall into madness. The psychic state of the character also affects adventurous behavior and interaction with weapon companions. The Darkest Dungeon fight on PC Windows platform is played in a turn-based system. The proper role of the formation is crucial, and every move must be rethought, because death is final. The authors have combined old-fashioned tactical depth with many more modern solutions, such as the counter-exiting mechanism. Monsters are not the only threat and equally dangerous can be traps, dislocations within the team and darkness. Flooded torches gradually diminish, exacerbating the fear of the character.

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Story of game

The Darkest Dungeon I had the pleasure of checking out and admire, even when the game was in Early Access. I mentioned this title as one of the most anticipated for next year. I did not expect the prime minister lurking just around the corner. Two weeks have passed and the Darkest Dungeon has gotten green. I quickly installed the latest build and once again with a group of daredevil I got into the darkest dungeon of the dungeon. As you may have guessed, I soaked immediately. It would be strange if the game turned out to be worse than during the Early Access tests. Of course, no fall has occurred, on the contrary – Darkest Dungeon is exactly what I wanted it to be, and even better. IM very impressed. I will even risk saying that it will be a strong candidate for the best independent game A.D. 2016 and for the best cRPG. The game is a mix of role-playing with a dungeon crawler with a lot of roasted flavor. The concept is not particularly revealing – before leaving the village, we gather the team and explore the nearby dungeons, kniei, bays, bays, and so on. During each expedition we encounter enemies with which we stumble in the turn system. All of course is described by a number of statistics: speed, immunity, accuracy, number of injuries and so on. With each defeated dungeon we grow stronger – we improve our weapons, gain items, etc. Sounds pretty standard, right? The fact is that Darkest Dungeon is only just beginning to end up with other dungeon crawlers. The developer has introduced a whole range of solutions that are absolutely unique to their production. First of all, besides the health points, each hero also has mental health points. When this strap is loaded completely heros loses control, becomes unpredictable, sometimes misses its turn and has bad influence on others. Mental health is influenced by the experience of the expedition, some attacks by opponents, and things like torchlight or lack thereof. O, torch – another thing. When crossing the dungeons we must have a light source. The more torpid the torch, the better the loot will be, but the fight becomes more difficult. Some enemy attacks, for example, dim light.

Our characters describe not only the character class and statistics such as level of development, life points and items used. Each of the heroes is loaded with various bugs. Some of them are useful, others are cumbersome. Interestingly, during the game we randomly win another, and using special construction we can get rid of others. Some of the mentioned perks have no direct impact on the statistics that affect the fight. Some are interesting, for example, forcing a hero to make certain choices. This is another mechanic that is unique to the Darkest Dungeon. I mentioned making choices – what is it about? During the journey of the dungeon often give us the chance to random events. On the way we can meet traps, crates, empty boughs, open iron maids, dark altars and so on. We can interact with them, usually using an item. Of course we do not know what, we have to try and correct them by the method of error and to remember in the future. For example, by profaning an open grave, you must have holy water with you, and a giant shovel will shake the shovel. Unique to the Darkest Dungeon mechanic is much, much more, even breaking up camps, conducting scouting and much more. Too much to describe. Just believe me that the elements that make up fun are wealth, and every detail is made up of a brilliant whole. Oh, did I mention that dungeons, monster clusters, traps and all the rest generate randomly? In order to make it happen, the developer has given us the opportunity to improve our base camp, which is a settlement at the foot of a dark house. There is a lazaret, forge, guild of heroes, tavern, abbey and devil know what else. To make it even more interesting, we improve one of four different raw materials: busts, property records, coat of arms and portraits – souvenirs from the aforementioned mansion, the home of our family. The elaborate construction of the Darkest Dungeon is crowned with a high level of difficulty and the fact that our heroes can die. Permanently. And die, not once after a few at a time. There were times when only one of them came back from the expedition, the mad heros of fatigue, lugging on their backs the huge loot that the rest of the team paid for. I was sorry to lose heroes on high levels, but what to do, it happens. Once with the shield, once on the dial.

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