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Dark Souls III is the third edition of the full-fledged embedded in the reality of fantasy, dark action RPG studio From Software. The title is kept in a climate of previous parts of the series and includes new locations, new enemies and bosses, as well as previously unavailable weapons, armor and items. The game also introduced, among others, special fighting techniques weapon that clash more attractive and give more opportunities during fights. Series Dark Souls was officially launched in 2011, the game of the same name, but the first installment of the brand and so is considered to Demon’s Souls in 2009 for the PlayStation 3.


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Description of the game

All parts of this series produced studio From Software, founded in 1986. year. That the developer released a variety of titles, Including a number of hits Armored Core series, but only Soulsy That meant he jumped into the first league of global Producers of video games. Dark Souls III for PC is another project in the Achievements of the Japanese in the care exercised alone Hidetaka Miyazaki, the “father” Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls first and Bloodborne. Another creative director of the production was Isamu Okano, responsible for Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor. Dark Souls III does not differ from the standard series. Players will once again go to the dark, fantasy world, where virtually everywhere waiting threat. The game is based on similar principles as in the previous parts, and therefore it is a challenging action RPG in which traverse outpost, slowly revealing fragments of history. This is not served on a tray and to fully explore the universe of production should be read item descriptions, talk with experienced characters, or use the studies prepared by the same fans. The developers took care, however, about an hour cutscenes, which for this series is no mean feat.

Story of game

Fun start by creating a character. Developers have prepared a twelve character classes, but in fact, as in the earlier scenes, they do not matter, because during the game character develop discretion. When you do this, we go to the correct play, which is based mainly on the exploration of individual locations and turning fights, during which rewarded the patience and calm. Each opponent constitutes a challenge, and from time to time, we must also deal with one of several bosses. The combat system has not changed dramatically, but introduced a new technique called “weapon arts.” Thanks to them every weapon gets one or two completely new attacks, which most often used by pressing the button responsible for evaporation. For example, using the dagger player can make quick dodge known Bloodborne and archer receives the ability to instantly launches whole series of missiles. All of these abilities use mana, however, that since the Demon’s Souls is not appeared in games from the studio FROM SOFTWARE. As in any self-respecting RPG-u, as in this case, with time we gain new equipment, which, like the character, you can develop, thereby increasing the possibility of attack and defense.

Hidetaka Miyazaki fans Soulsów indicator of quality. The man who made that From Software managed to release the potential of Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls also created and Bloodborne, also worked on Dark Souls II. In the second part, he was only an advisory role, and key decisions related to the final version of the game undertook other people. In Dark Souls III, as in Dark Souls, about everything and decided – although the game has its faults – overall, the effect is amazing. Miyazaki’s great return to the Dark Souls also means that From Software’s Dark Souls III refers primarily to the first views of the cycle, but here and there you can find the reference to “two.” It’s hard to clearly determine whether the production is described prequel or sequel to debut a series of views, however, there are indications that the action takes place in the same world, but in a completely different time. The first hint we get after defeating the boss in the tutorial, because a moment later to get Firelink Shrine also known as the Dark Souls, but it was not transferred in whole – is in fact a completely new place. Firelink Shrine is our starting point. Nexus equivalent of Demon’s Souls or Sleep Tracker with Bloodborne. It is here that we will improve character statistics at Guardian Fire acting the same function as the Maiden in Black or doll in the above-mentioned games From Software. It is here that we will increase the power of the bottles Estus, ulepszymy weapons at the blacksmith, buy necessary items or create new features. With Firelink Shrine we will also be able to teleport to subsequent outbreaks. At the very beginning we use this option to move to the High Wall of Lothric, the first main location. Many players have mattered that the presence Hidetaka Miyazaki, the position of director of Dark Souls III will mean the construction of the world straight from the first Dark Souls. We have here, however, to deal with one big area, but most of the sites that we visit is connected with itself. In this respect, Dark Souls III closest to the Bloodborne. In the course of exploration Unlock the campfire acting as checkpoints, as well as shortcuts, so you do not have to repeatedly pass the same passage to get to the boss.

Dark Souls III Game full version

PC Downloaden Game

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