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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Download game

The new edition of the classic shooter network, which became the basis of modern electronic sports. The creators of the production were trying to make a lot of improvements to the game and at the same time preserve the basic features of the original. The game is targeted primarily to fans of multiplayer modes and contains a lot of fun. Players take on the terrorists or anti-terrorists and lead fierce battles. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is another, the Counter-Strike: Source, an attempt to refresh the popular shooter, which began as a modification of Half-Life. Despite the passage of years, it does not change the philosophy of the game – we are still dealing with a team action game.


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Description of the game

Opposite are two teams – the terrorists and trying to stop them special forces. For each eliminated enemy we are rewarded with cash, for which at the beginning of the next round can buy better weapons and equipment. The game features four game modes: the arms race, rampage, tournament simplified and classic simplified. The first is a variation on the classic deathmatch – after killing an opponent get a new weapon. Another similar principle governs the question of providing new equipment, but the game is divided into rounds, just like in the classic mode. Third, as the name suggests, it is designed for beginners, and its task is to introduce newcomers to the secrets of Counter-Strike, including by waiving the friendly fire. Mode classic tournament was deprived of all facilities. In CS: GO is available five map types de_disarming / dubbing bombs and two cs_hostage. Each of the seven boards is modeled on traditional battlefields known hits from the previous series. Fans will recognize the names of the arenas: Dust, dust2, Aztec, Nuke, Inferno, Italy and Office. Of course there were some small changes, but they serve only to improve the quality of the game. Prepared was also refreshed matchmaking system, which selects the opponents of skills. Besides servers maintained by Valve can also host their own game.

Story of game

Overall, Counter-Strike: Global Offensie an attempt to find a balance between the convenience of the game, and support for a huge community involved. Nobody forgive Valve, if you forbade creating and using mods and custom maps, and new players could feel lost in a maze of obscure signs of servers and the need to download additional files to the unofficial games. Problem solved so quite successfully – the game was divided. Already from the menu, select whether you want to play on the principles adopted in general, whether we enter into the wilderness of private servers and hundreds of various mods. It is at this point to note that even selecting the game from the presets are not sentenced to two classic modes of play – the bombing and hostages. These of course are, and in two configurations, but besides Global Offensive them offers us modes Arms Race and Demolition, which are much more dynamic than those already known to us.

What is going on? Arms Race mode is the most dynamic, mainly due to the fact that we do not wait for a revival, but our character after the death automatically returns to respawn and the game continues. How long? Well, after killing every enemy we get another your weapon from the arsenal of 27 weapons. Each of them must kill one opponent. The game ends so when the first person to score frags each of the weapons, which is difficult to the extent that at the end of the game is guns, and the last murder must be carried out … with a knife. Demolition is the mode that combines the above description of the known disarming bombs. A new weapon for killing an opponent you get at the start of each round, and the goal is to plant the explosive device, or to prevent this, if we stand on the side of the anti-terrorist law. It adds a little spice to the fact that the maps here are smaller, and the bomb site is the only one. The classic mode is not Needless to write, because many in this aspect has not changed. We still have to deal with either explosive or hostages. Everything on the classic, although slightly modified maps – Dust, dust2, Inferno, Aztec, Office, Italy, Train and Nuke. There is no official modes, unfortunately, my favorite Assault, but you can have a bounce on private servers. What a change – they serve mainly balancing game by adding new transitions, or remodeling of some rooms. With the new staircase and footbridge crossing “pit” on the map dust is no longer suicidal.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Game full version

PC Downloaden Game

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