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The game strategic and economic developers from the series Cities in Motion. The player’s task is to build a dream city, inhabited by virtual people. To do this, place the different types of buildings, set taxes, establish trade partnerships with other metropolises etc. Cities: Skylines on the PC platform with Windows is a game of strategy and economic produced by a team of Colossal Order that created earlier two games – Cities in Motion: Simulator Municipal transport and simulator contemporary metropolis: transport and public transport. This time, the developers decided not to limit ourselves to the subject of urban transport projects and challenged the type of SimCity.


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Description of the game

The main goal of this play is so build their dream city, but of course not all, because during the game we care about the welfare of the residents take care of the finances allow for further investments and more. Production also offers full support for modders. In the game we build a metropolis on the maps sized 36 km square, although it is possible to increase the size of the unofficial. To fill the entire area of ​​buildings and roads, we need to take care of, among others, the smooth operation of the system of municipal administration and a steady flow of cash generated from taxes. Note, however, that the various neighborhoods of our urban inhabit different social classes. Therefore, the amount of money to be charged depends on the ability to pay population. Fortunately, developers enable precise determination of the amount of taxes and the types of policies for individual areas. In addition, the need to take charge of the construction of transport by which virtual people will be able to move across the metropolis. An important aspect is also to establish trade relations with other cities.

Story of game

Traces of ambition studio Colossal Order could be seen already in their previous project, excellent and extremely extensive simulation of urban transport – Cities in Motion 2. Development of the city depends on our actions foreshadowed that homegrown mayors future awaits a pleasant surprise. First contact with the Cities: Skylines will be for lovers of the virtual building cities like deja vu. In many parts you can see the inspiration series of SimCity, both its classic pageviews and not heat adopted, the latest in 2013. No one had the idea to re-invent the wheel, so the skeleton of the game is based on good old ideas. And this scheme we have known for many years. Build roads, deliver electricity and water, designate zones where rise residential, industrial or commercial. Then, in gradually growing town, take care of it, to the needs of residents are met, security forces could take care of security, and tax revenues roughly balanced the expenditure. Creators Cities: Skylines applied his game quite simple and common procedure, based on the introduction of several levels, after which reached unlocks additional buildings and features. In place of the tutorial so we have a system that actively does not allow us to make too many mistakes. It is very useful that the farther we go in this title, the more we see the creative inventiveness of developers. Once we put the first way, we determine several zones, we attach to them all the necessary services, will come the moment to appoint districts. The game gives us the opportunity to highlight areas of our cities and sharing them. This is not only cosmetic, because each of the districts can impose individual rights or the value of taxes. A cluster of industrial buildings may be one of the four special branch, provided that it has access to raw materials. Housing developments are shaping the amount of taxes for specific social groups and such policies, which attract some and repel others.

This idea works well both when we want to use these tools to give our town a specific figure, but also when it will grow to colossal size and its management will be a challenge. Already by thousands of concentration of people it is sometimes a challenge, and this is a number that in any case the game does not stop. Colossal Order went a similar path as SimCity, promising that every citizen will be separately described the agent who actually lives and works in this city. He goes to work, no permanent address, purchases in stores, do children go to school, etc. But where Maxis fell, creator skylines seem to be getting to the heart, because their systems actually work very well. Such an approach to simulate urban life requires certain restrictions, because the resources of our PCs are limited. However, the maximum number of residents has been set at a million, which from the perspective of New York is minimalist, but it is fantastic from the chair and the monitor. Skala is a general term that often comes to mind in contact with skylines. The initial four kilometers square of land available to resemble nightmares spatial limitations of said SimCity, but here such fragments can buy eight more, and with the support of mods and even 25. On paper, these numbers may not sound stunning, but in practice it turns out that not unclear what to do with all this. One of the metropolis becomes a project on dozens of hours of gameplay, requiring extremely long time to maintain, but giving an awful lot of satisfaction. The scale in one aspect is reflected in a game hiccup. While the developers made sure to work smoothly and without any major technical problems, unfortunately the visual side deviates from what is already available on the market. The sharp realism known from Cities XL is a long way before bid skylines. Of course, everything is aesthetically pleasing, clear and legible, but if someone sits down to play this game to enjoy the eye end result can be a little bit disappointed.

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