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Another scene of one of the most popular game series in history. This time corresponds to the production studio Infinity Ward, which started the whole cycle in 2003. Party publishing took a course Activision Blizzard. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for personal computers is the next installment in the series Call of Duty. This time, responsible for the production of “fathers” of the cycle, ie the studio Infinity Ward, which for the first time be able to run the game as much as three years. It is also the first edition released only on PCs and the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The differences between the editions come down primarily to the graphic design, which looks best on personal computers. The title was officially revealed May 2, 2016, together with the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and very quickly got him loudly. Interestingly, a lot of players have expressed their dissatisfaction with the direction chosen by the brand, making it the worst evaluated trailer trailer production on YouTube.


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Description of the game

The action takes place in the production of an entirely new universe, with niewidzianymi earlier figures. Individual countries on Earth have formed an alliance of United Nations Space Alliance to jointly set out to conquer the solar system. Unfortunately, as is usually the case, some people are opposed to international cooperation and that of them formed the organization Settlement Defense Front, which unleashed a big war with the UNSA. Players take the captain Reyes – pilot Tier 1 Special Operations, who took command of a powerful warship Retribution and, together with his crew must put an SDF. The new universe in is not the only major change introduced in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, as well as the gameplay itself went through a variety of innovations. Of course, still we have to deal with an impressive first-person shooter, but this time, players will not only run and shoot at the ground, but also sit at the helm fighter Jackal, taking part in fierce battles soaring. While the warship Retribution is a kind of base, from which to select another story missions, or head out on raids against enemy machines. Importantly, production was designed in such a way that all the time the players play smoothly moved from one element to another game, without too frequent loading screens.

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Story of game

Ideal, which continues to be a Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, still far away, but there is no denying that the campaign prepared for the needs of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare can be enjoyed. Of course, not in terms of feature film, because it’s another tale about saving lives before the “bad guys”, but the director is here at an incredibly high level. Call of Duty: Warfare Infinite particularly impressive dynamics. The credits you can see what is true after about seven hours of fun, but it intensively spent. During the game we do not get bored even for a moment, but eager to reach for virtual rifle to wreak havoc in the ranks of the enemy. Same missions are designed to be extremely engaging for the recipient, and the recognition that we see between successive battles, often breathtaking. Imagine only against enemy forces against Saturn. I enjoy the varied gameplay that offers Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Although it is a standard shooter with a first-person perspective, we not run here only with a rifle from point A to B. In addition to the typical break through the enemy base on foot or explore the surface of another planet, we must also grapple with enemies in places without gravity. Therefore we drift in space and through links with the hook we break through from one cover to the other, beating encountered soldiers. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare also introduces air battles. We sit at the helm of our ship and disposed of the specified objectives.

The control system is obviously very arcade and even if they collide with the rock, it just made her veer. This does not change the fact that the clashes are spectacular and really make a lot of fun. I have already mentioned the shallow storyline, but the same assumptions scenario is not all, because in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is hard not to be interested in the story. I admit that I do not remember the names of the heroes of Call of Duty: Black Ops III, but the silhouette of Captain Price’s series Modern Warfare still in my head. I am writing this because in-reviewed title also find characters that are memorable for a long time. Speech is not only about the main character, Nick Reyesie, but also the accompanying crew members, including first and foremost job Ethan, who repeatedly saves our hero out of trouble, and sometimes throws funny jokes. Subsequent views Call of Duty accustomed us to the fact that we are led like clockwork. Infinite Warfare is also a linear shooter and during the mission, we can not stray from the main path, but we decide on the sequence of tasks. After a short introduction we get because access to the map, from which you can choose the mission of narrative, or one of several side quests. You can therefore follow the story or a moment to break away from her, to eliminate several enemy ships and gain valuable improvements, which may prove very useful especially on higher difficulty levels.

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