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Another production based on the work of the writer H. P. Lovecraft, utilizing the Cthulhu mythology, popularized by the horror story Zew Cthulhu. Call of Cthulhu download is an adventurous game with a touch of horror and stealth. The player goes to Darkwater Island in Bostne to investigate the murder of a well known artist and her family in the private eye of Edward Pierce. Call of Cthulhu is a dark adventure game, enriched with elements borrowed from survival horror and sneaky. Cyanide Studio, known primarily from the Styx series, took on the project. The title was released by Focus Home Interactive among others on the Windows PC platform.¬†Where the French studio scores focuses, it is at the level of the air of his diversion, exasperating and which deciphers splendidly that of crafted by Lovecraft. Dependable to the writer’s books, Call of Cthulhu figures out how to translate an extremely enticing SF universe, on account of his roused creative bearing, his radiant landscape and his various discoursed. Lovecraft’s scholarly lovers and their work will discover something for them, in spite of the numerous blemishes in the diversion.¬†

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Description of the game

Call of Cthulhu was based on the so-called Cthulhu Mythology, created by Howard Phillips Lovecraft, the legendary American horror writer. The main character of the game is Edward Pierce – a private detective whose task is to explain the mysterious murder of the famous artist Sarah Hawkins and her family. In time, the investigation is taking an increasingly unexpected turn – not only mysterious disappearances, but also mutilated whale bodies found on Darkwater Island in Boston. Pierce soon discovers that everything can be the title of Cthulhu, also called the Great Dreamer – one of the Great Elderly, the ancient, powerful beings who remain dormant, and when the stars in the sky are in the right order, wake up and take over again. Power over the world. In Call of Cthulhu on PC Windows platform is presented from the perspective of the first person. Fun is based on the exploration and solving of different puzzles. The adventure runs through both the dreary urban streets and the research complexes, the undergrounds and finally the temples of the cultists.

Where the base damages be that as it may, it is at the level of the ongoing interaction – which positions the player as an inactive observer. To come clean, there isn’t much to do in Call of Cthulhu on the off chance that it isn’t to pursue long passageways in a straight line, to enchain the distinctive conceivable answers in a discourse and to quickly bolster the key A to recoup the lists of each table. Not extremely wise on a basic level, the amusement is substance to compel the player to recuperate signs that will propel the mechanized situation. No huge reasoning or genuine riddles seemingly within easy reach … Disregard likewise the arrangements of shoot or interest: Call of Cthulhu is a simply thoughtful title. While you will be qualified for either trepidation, however more often than not, you will invest your energy investigating the level looking for signs.

Story of game

The player must strive to maintain a balance between the desire to discover creatures in the dark and the state of mind of the charge – too deep into the mysteries of darkness can lead the detective to madness. During play we encounter more or less friendly independent characters – while some are willing to cooperate, others react to aggressive protagonist. The game also features expanded RPG elements – the title is based on the RPG paperback of the American publisher Chaosium, from which some gameplay mechanisms have been taken. Call of Cthulhu is characterized by high quality, three-dimensional graphic design, maintained in sparse color and gloomy design. The whole is complemented by a specially composed soundtrack that effectively builds up the chills of the climate.

The equivalent is lamentably valid for the experience focuses, which will enable a few aptitudes of your character to develop in an expertise tree, for instance to have the capacity to all the more effortlessly control a questioner in a discourse. Unreasonably straightforward, the guideline of development of the character won’t hugy affect the portrayal – the nonattendance of specific aptitudes essentially compelling the player to locate a choice to advance in the plot.

We will add to the spoon some penetration successions not extremely energizing, given the I.A. appalling adversaries and an idea of “mental stability” that does not by any stretch of the imagination influence the situation. Practically speaking, in any case, the thought was not terrible since the engineers needed to assume control over the idea of Amnesia by slowly diving the player into frenzy, each mysterious occasion. On the off chance that it isn’t completely missed, given its appealing situation and its environment, Call of Cthulhu is sadly a long way from as energizing as it was declared. Maybe a couple will, from our perspective, the individuals who take the inconvenience to go to the finish of the primary experience – which will anyway hold the player taped to his cushion for almost ten hours of play.

Focus Home Interactive, publisher of Vampyra and Call of Cthulhu, unveiled the initial release date of both promising games. We will wait a little longer. Focus Home Interactive is still banging on the door labeled “The Largest Video Game Publishers” and who knows maybe this year someone will open them up. Or the company itself will weigh them. In this year’s catalog there are some very promising games, and on the horizon there are also some interesting productions, such as Necromunda: Underhive Wars. Probably the two most interesting games of the company in 2017 is Vampyr, a new game creators Life is Strange and Remember Me, Download Call of Cthulhu RPG from Cyanide Studios.

Unfortunately, these two titles will still wait a bit longer. On the official website of Focus Home Interactive, you can find their general release date, which is set for the fourth quarter of 2017. So you have to be patient, but it is worth the wait, because I am convinced that at least one of these two games will not disappoint us. As I would bet, I would bet on Vampyra. On the off chance that it tempts admirers of writing with its account approach and its environment propelled by crafted by writer HP Lovecraft, Call of Cthulhu just half-persuaded, the blame of an ongoing interaction not exceptionally energizing, which brings the diversion closer of an absolutely pondering knowledge, and its dated realistic acknowledgment. As charming as it might be, Cyanide’s diversion is distressfully ailing in zest and flops wretchedly where Bethesda’s amusement has splendidly blended a few styles of play.

Call of Cthulhu Game full version

PC Downloaden Game

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