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Embedded in medieval realities logic-simulation game in which we build our own siege machines to destroy the enemy’s troops and fortifications. The game poses a number of challenges: from the destruction of simple buildings, through the transport of valuable resources, to the siege of fortresses protected by heavy gunfire and the host of intrepid knights. Besiege is an original logic-simulation game in which players construct their own siege machines from scratch to destroy the enemy’s troops and fortifications. The small independent Spiderling studio in the UK is responsible for the creation of the game.


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Description of the game

The game presents us with a variety of challenges – from the demolition of simple civilian buildings, through the annihilation of knights’ troops to the siege of heavily fortified fortresses. We build our own unique machine, capable of breaking the opponent’s resistance and withstand the massive attack of troops and heavy guns. The authors have produced a large set of single player missions, as well as a free sandbox mode. Although the game’s action is embedded in the medieval era, the invincibility of players is not limited to the typical machines of that period. Innovative designers can either let go of fantasy, create simple flying machines, flamethrowers or tanks. There are no humorous elements in the game, such as giant lawn mowers or domestic bushes. As for the logic game, Besiege can boast of high quality luminaires. Despite the small hardware requirements, the game offers full 3D graphics and uses the benefits of an advanced physical engine.

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Story of game

I recently read that the new generation of players will no longer want, as in the past, save the world by killing hordes of opponents. The Minecraft generation wants freedom and freedom of creation. I do not know how predictable this is, but I know that Besiege is one of those games that in no way restrict our imagination, but let’s start from the beginning. Besiege is currently available on Steam Early Acces. We can buy and play, but we still have a working version. At first glance, production seems to be a simple arcade-logic game in which we have to perform certain tasks in turn. Sometimes it is the destruction of the wall, at other times the delivery to a particular place of a specific object or the defeat of enemy soldiers. We perform tasks with the machine we have constructed, which we then personally direct. At about the same time we are getting to the point where we get a powerful tool in our hands. Our machine is built with specific “blocks”, among which we find both static beams and armored plates as well as elements that we can activate with specific buttons: drive wheels, springs, cannons, pistons and so on. Elements are sufficient for the number of potentially existing constructions to be near infinity. The joy of inventing new “engineering” solutions will try to show by example. At the beginning of the game I tried to create a riding machine that she could twist. First, I used a dedicated pad, which holds the wheel when the left or right arrow is pressed. This solution worked quite poorly. After a moment, I got the “h” and “n” keys to the left hand side of the vehicle, and the “j” and “m” ones to the right. By pressing “h” and “j” I was driving forward, and for example “h” allowed to turn right. The system worked fine, but it was quite difficult to get used to the controls, so I turned the keys so that the left allowed me to turn left. It was good, but then I came to the fact that thanks to the appropriate assignment of keys to the wheels make the machine control the arrows, as in any computer “hunter”. I will not say how it is done, so as not to spoil your satisfaction.

Of course, a similar challenge is, for example, to provide a load for raising or inventing a way to demolish the castle. Roads to the target no one is here, there is only purpose, physics and our imagination. Fans of Minecraft or Space Engineers will be delighted. In the game you can safely create a catapult, taran, ballista, and as has been proven by surfers also repetitive catapult, bomber, helicopter or moving dinosaur. Most of these constructions are created in a sandbox, where the space of building is not limited as in missions. What adds to Besiege’s advantage is the absolute graphics of the chair. It’s not about some wonderful hi-tech, hyperrealist graphics, requiring a graphics card for the whole payout. Besiege according to the creators site is supposed to run on a dual core processor and one GB of RAM. The game is not photorealistic, and beautifully stylized. What we see on screen brings to mind a refined diorama, photographed by an experienced photographer. You can see this in the gallery, though the live effect is even better. You may find that there are several options that make it easy to build and enhance the interface, such as copying the finished elements or the plane of symmetrical reflection we know from the Space Engineers. This does not mean that building in Besiege is inconvenient, it just needs some work to make it even better. Currently Besiege costs seven dollars and already gives a lot of fun. We usually do not recommend buying unfinished games or pre-made games, but in this case I have no doubt that Besiege is worth every cent of its price.

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