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Batman: Arkham Knight is the fourth part of the popular action game series devoted to Batman adventures. This time, the Dark Knight will face Scarecrow, who has terrorized Gotham City, as well as a group of super villains wishing to defeat the combined forces of Man-Bat once and for all. In this team of black characters were among others. Penguin, Harvey “Two Faces” Dent or Harley Quinn. There is also a new opponent – the title Arkham Knight. Batman: Arkham Knight is the fourth installment in the Dark Knight series of action games. Arkham Origins, the publisher of Batman: Arkham Origins, has decided to re-entrust Rocksteady with the success of the first two games of the series: Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City.


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Description of the game

As in Hitchcock, Batman action: Arkham Knight starts with an earthquake. Scarecrow, the old enemy of Batman, has bombed Gotham City with a toxin bomb. The confusion caused by the evacuation of city dwellers has made use of Batman’s most powerful opponents. They dominated the deserted Gotham City, pushed the police force with Commissioner Gordon at the head and united to finally defeat the Batman. Among these criminals were among others. Penguin, Harvey “Two Faces” Dent and Harley Quinn. In addition to the known antagonists, there is another one – the title of Arkham Knight, the new opponent of Batman. In terms of gameplay, Batman: Arkham Knight is a TPP game, and mechanics is similar to what was shown in earlier releases. But there are a few minor changes – for example you can knock out several enemies at once or blow the opponents. He also returned a modified counter system. This time the Dark Knight struggles to be more careful as they can capture not only stronger opponents, but also less significant hurdles. The novelty in the series is also the introduction of the Bat-Man vehicle, well-known for comics and films. With the Batmobil, the Dark Knight can quickly move from place to place, fire rockets, stun opponents, and catapult to go straight to airborne mode, well known from previous releases. It is worth pointing out that in Arkham Knight the game moves to the central Gotham City area, which is divided into three separate areas. The whole map is five times bigger than the one shown at Arkham City.

Story of game

The Arkham series is one of the best IPs created on the console of the past generation. To this day I remember the strength with which Batman hit players in the 2009 Batman: Arkham Asylum. It was a blow that no one expected, bearing in mind the earlier, long-running craze of “Uszacie” in the lead role. Rocksteady gave Batman “what’s batman”, creating an equally iconic position as the Detective Comics icon. In 2011, Rocksteady showed how sequels are made with the continuation of the original Arkham City. In my house to this day there is a hole a few meters below the sea level commemorating how I was driven into the ground by this title. To this day I consider Arkham City an absolute masterpiece. Then, it’s time for the Gamezilla raisin, Arkham Origins – a prequel to the original game created by another developer, Warner Bros. studio. Games Montréal, which blamed the fact that for some time in the world simply could not finish their prepared Batman, for which our editorial Don Vito Corleone had to exhibit Origins memorable 1/10. This title has been found to be suitable patches and although highly playable, it could not match its predecessors. At the time when the guests of Montréal formed and then patched up Origins, the fathers of the series were already busy creating Batman for next-generation consoles. The same one that hit the shelves last week as Arkham Knight. Has Rocksteady managed to create a legitimate and most important worthy successor to Arkham City, who will eradicate Arkham Origins from the memory of the dyshonor? If Lech Walesa was a fan of Batman, he would probably say: “I am for, and even against!”. It seems that the Arkham Origins curse rests on the latest Arkham Knight. Fortunately only partially. Of course, this is about the inactive and withdrawn version of the PC and minor issues with loading the leaderboards on the PS4 version. I was given the information to go through Gotham from the XBox One and, to my great satisfaction, this version was free of any bugs and blemishes that spoiled the gameplay. Did Batman enjoy XBOX One because Batman was the size of Batmobile?

Scarecrow alias Jonathan Crane. This time he is in the lead role in the latest installment of the Arkham series. Initially, I was afraid that he would run out of charisma, having regard to his supporting episode in the original 2009. But these concerns proved to be quite wrong, since it has since then acquired a new scary look, which is not meritorious PR PR’s, and the effect Crane’s crippling Killer Croc, with whom we saw him last in the murderous embrace of Arkham Asylum. The repulsive image of the next-gen Scarecrow is complemented by his calm but vociferous voice, who, by the way, is giving numerous monologues to Batman, trying to sow fear and doubt in the Dark Knight’s heart. Bored in the field and scaring the birds Scarecrow hits Gotham on Halloween, giving a showcase of its new neurotoxin, which causes scary hallucinations. In the city comes a massive, over six million evacuation, which results in the deserted Gotham lands in the hands of thugs like Penguin and Two Faces. Only GCPD policemen led by Commissioner Gordon and Batman, of course, are defended in the city. As you may have guessed, it is on the shoulders of the latter that it will be almost entirely up to the task of liberating Gotham from the rule of criminal anarchy and stopping the scarecrow plans of Strach for the Sparrows, which begins the occupation of Gotham, backed by the mysterious title of Knight Arkham and his commanded Militia – An army with all the arsenal of state-of-the-art weapons, including murderous drones. I will just mention that the story told in Arkham Knight will not surprise you with a few powerful turns of action. Of course, it would be a sin to spoil something. I can only point out that the scriptwriters drew on some interesting storylines from the comics and Christoper Nolan’s movie trilogy, to which they gave a handful of their ideas and resulted in a very interesting story. In conclusion, you should not be disappointed, especially if your inner nerd is crazy about Batman Universe. In addition, in the latest adventures, you will experience the same dynamic directing from Arkham City and Arkham Origins, and you will hear the magic voice of Batman in Kevin Conroy’s voice.

Batman: Arkham Knight Game full version

PC Downloaden Game

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