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The game allows us to explore in North America behind the wheel vehicles and transporting goods between cities. Production uses a proprietary graphics engine. American Truck Simulator download is a truck driving simulator developed by Czech studio SCS Software having a lot of experience in this subject – the company is responsible for the fact akin to a series of 18 Wheels of Steel, as well as both parts of the Euro Truck Simulator. The game allows you to take a seat in the cab of powerful osiemnastokołowców and traverse the territories of North America, while ensuring to deliver on time transited. The creators have tried to faithfully reflected the road map, so you move the system of interstate highways and express roads. In the premiere version of the game they were available two states: California and Nevada. More are added gradually as DLC content. Production SCS Software allows us to move typical for this type of production the career path of an ordinary driver working in the service of another transport company, to create your own company employing dozens of workers. One of the most important components of the American Truck Simulator is obviously a fleet of vehicles – among them we find common in these parts brands like Kenworth and Peterbilt, and their models have been reproduced with the utmost attention to various details. An important novelty in comparison to the Euro Truck Simulator 2 is patrol police patrolling the roads and the choice of parking space semitrailers target point – depending on our ability to maneuver and reversing the tractor-trailer, leave the trailer just in open space or we will show up and park, for example, a very narrow tunnel. It fixed the traffic, making maneuvers artificial intelligence comply with the rules, and the states were covered with a dense road network mapping facts.


PC Downloaden Game

Description of the game

Beside that, a truck isn’t a F-16 and inside a sensible time the diversion will be anything other than hard to manage for everyone. Since irrelevant running would be to some degree less, you have a whole employment before you. At first, you can simply recognize driver occupations where you use an acquired truck to get some money on the underlying couple of stretches. Do you have the bow, it goes to the bank, where you get a progress and picks the fundamental have American Truck Simulator. The visits you take with it are impressively additionally satisfying, yet you won’t just be transmitted off to start quickly. It’s your truck, so you should be with the client inside the time certain occupations are promoted. Likewise, you have to agree to rest breaks – paying little mind to whether they are to a great degree liberal – , clearly, refuel, pay tolls, and you ought to and especially hold quick to all movement rules. The controls are outright draconian. $ 1,000 for three miles too fast? Rigoros, this California!

Well ordered you will accumulate money with the solicitations and clearly experience centers. With them you get on what opens new trucks and truck parts. You get new courses, acquire on long outings and are continually allowed to transport more hazardous stock. This in itself has little effect on a ride itself, even with incredibly burnable material nothing explodes in a full crash. In any case, it brings fundamentally more money, with which you by then create your own specific workshop, buy new ones and bring more trucks. If you drive on drivers, you’re advancing pleasantly to have a bona fide trucking association, and the lone trucker’s special interest does not prop up long, yet rather in any occasion it settles.

The method of this really free fight is adequately typical to keep you on the catch for quite a while and still have the ability to offer something new amidst, be it another unfortunate propensity or the association’s nonstop expansion. The inconveniences, along these lines, are more in the inconspicuous components all over the place and frequently enough in the AI ​​of the straggling leftovers of the action. As I said already, there are essentially no auto floods and they are adequately splendid not to go about as a weight in case you have to get on a garage. All things considered, they could generally drive to some degree more remarkable and less obvious. US drivers are the extent that I can judge all things considered not veritable criminals, irrefutably not in California. In any case, the irregular chaot that cuts you would be wonderful. On the other hand, everything is in a general sense your fault. In the best case, a truck crashes into the side of you, notwithstanding the way that you have greatly watchful on the freeway, by then you remain sitting on the damage. In any case, as a rule you get an altogether hearty train, and paying little heed to whether you really have no point the finger at, you can not manage the AI.

With respect to, there is fundamentally nothing in find. In like manner, the attributes of AI are obvious and you make sense of how to live with it, crashes, regardless, or any genuine glitches there was never. Likewise, the gear requirements are low, so the streets are open even on more prepared machines. A certified component is the sound. Not that of the engine, which is fairly unpretentious. Substitute effects give off an impression of being extremely poor and the couple of bits of music I would call helpful, most ideal situation. Regardless, instead of buying humble Düdel music, they basically trapped Internet radio stations, and that was a clear and magnificent idea. You have a summary from the start, yet it just gets to a direct substance record that you can complete anyway you see fit. I’ve heard an extensive proportion of new music in these three days, rediscovering some certifiable show-stoppers on Hairmetal FM, and hearing the two sorts of music for three hours in succession. Country AND Western. In addition, there’s the place you can essentially hurl your own specific music, anyway then you’ll miss a ton. Else, I would not have understood that Netto had Granini juices for 0.97 pennies on Saturday. Or then again the fire cooked buttercheese chicken burger with tripple margarine. Two for only five dollars. Fortunately not in this country.

American Truck Simulator download game started with a “Please what should I see?” And ended up as a significantly captivating and inadequate experience of a substitute kind. It has something to a great degree comforting to eat the miles, the sun, at predictable speed on Highway 5 Watching it go up and go down and check out the radio, the trappings have enough substance to help the rides with a reward catalyst, and it’s even to some degree amazing due to the lovely use of a swollen US Southwest There’s no unimaginable mischances, not using any and all means a visual damage illustrate, it’s not expected for that, you have to acknowledge it as a back off of normal everyday presence and moreover to decelerate customary day by day presence, by then it works wonderfully, or to put it rapidly: American Truck Simulator is the best way to deal with drive alcoholic 20 tons of hazardous to Vegas.

Story of game

I knew that this would be an important item for the brand, and cooperation with the community will be crucial. SCS Software masterfully supported his game both spending many updates with bug fixes and new possibilities, what and paid extensions of malowaniami truck or new countries. At the same time the Czechs slowly in the traditional laborious pace himself conducted an operation transplant simulator on American soil. This is not for them first trip to North America, he created in those climates for years. Fans of the genre certainly know such items issued under the name of 18 Wheels of Steel, located just across the ocean. SCS time  and began to create productions devoted to European countries – England, Germany, and finally Europe in the form of a series of Euro Truck Simulator. The success of both games encouraged developers to brand development for position focusing again on the US. Rewind time share forward a few years and here we are at the beginning of February the premiere American Truck Simulator. Let me start with good information. Climate change ran a positive, fun has not lost any of its unique climate. We travel the famous route 101 between San Francisco and San Rafael, visit Stockton and Fresno, and the roads and highways will be hosted by Los Angeles, San Diego, to Las Vegas and San Reno, Nevada. Game developers like never apply themselves to the creation of diverse climate and location, taking more elaborate than the last town, wide highways and coastal or mountain winding paths. We take care of your vehicle grooming him in the smallest details – the new mirrors, front grill and extra lighting delight the eye, but the new engine is better gearbox also allow for higher speeds. The highlight of the program is to conduct the US cruiser highways buses in a designated cargo entrusted to us. We’re shooting through the city streets and long highways, venturing into industrial districts and visiting establishments located far beyond the human clusters. Most importantly, the model control American Truck Simulator allows you to derive real pleasure to drive, especially if you’ve used to drive the wheel. Engine production makes you feel the weight of the set, which accelerates sluggishly and requires certain skills when performing more complex maneuvers, but the fun is the front, allowing you to relax and unwind from the stresses of everyday life, which is probably its greatest advantage.

But American Truck Simulator is not just about driving a truck, because the title also offers a very large topic business associated with managing their own transport undertaking. We start with the jobs performed for external companies for pennies in the amount of 4-5 thousand dollars, but it’s a great way to learn the profession – we have provided travel expenses, do not plan to modify the tractors, we enjoy just driving from point A to B while the rest It happens automatically. With time growing appetite for more, and having already won a smaller sum of money you report it to the bank on the loan. The money will be used to purchase a tractor. Then comes the time for the expansion of the garage with space for additional vehicles and employ drivers. Profits of them are small, but their transport empire as usual with games from SCS Software meticulously build, brick by brick. Each performed in addition to the supply of money also provides a rush of experience points, promotion to the next level is rewarded unlocking new parts for modification and the possibility of strengthening the skills of the driver. The permit for the transport of hazardous substances or flammable, specializing in the supply of long-distance or performed an express are just some of the possibilities of self-development. The more difficult job is more money and more experience points, and so it was fun at the American Truck Simulator pending. For some, perhaps too boring and monotonous, but it is slow and tedious development of the game allow you to enjoy the process and the road at the same time. The greatest pleasure is to conduct dopieszczanego own tractor with a valuable commodity in the interesting routes and enjoying the sights and ride, and the American Truck Simulator lets you really experience it. When cable headphones flow favorite sounds and swim a leisurely three-lane highway between Reno and Winnemucca, Nevada. Unfortunately, the artificial intelligence in the game a little short of perfection. Generally move in the game is done very smoothly, despite the large volume. Drivers can understand our intentions and take the opportunity to overrun without waiting to finish maneuver. Often they disappear priority, although the more congested intersections I happened to figure waiting for an opportunity to overrun. Fortunately, sooner or later, or you find a moment or someone to have mercy. If not, you can always try to push the power. I happened to be the victim of extortion priority, while the NPC also annoyed crawling just under the rear of the trailer when set to reverse, so that the plan takes in the head.

American Truck Simulator Game download

PC Downloaden Game

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